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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More MM9 LPs!

(LP - Might & Magic 9: Part 106)

Hey again all this is a bit of a late posting here on my blog but if you did not know I have 3 new LP videos up of Might & Magic IX(9) for you all to enjoy! I'm hoping to get some more LP's uploaded late tonight into early tommorow but with me burying myself in school work and okay yes playing around with the SC2 Beta Map editor ;P I'm not quite sure what I will be uploaded LP wise. But stay tuned to find out!

In related news I have joined and become a staff memeber on a really great PC Gaming devoted site called Warrior Labs if your like me and many others fed up with the lack of regard for the pc by other major gaming sites, check this place out! Best of all its community orriented/based so you can even post yourself! I am primarly joining of course to post pc gaming news but also to help push the LP community! So check it out!

All for now everyone, untill next time!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekend Freelancer & Dune LP!

(LP: Freelancer - Part 30)

Hello everyone, been a bit I know my aplogies RL is really crunching down on me, not to go into to much details but finicaly things are tight, and bewteen that and school well its keeping me fairly busy and only a little time for anything else. If you would like to help out, then god bless you and thank you first of all, second I do have a donate button up here on the blog now, all I ask if you wish to help is provide what you can afford. If you can't donate at all, then prayers are always welcome and appricated.

So I do have some new LP's up for you all, first and foremost 4 new Freelancer LP's are up for your enjoyment! Then we have 3 more Dune LP's, as I still have a lot of back footage of Dune to get out to you all. What little freetime i've had latley i've been focusing on playing around with the Starcraft 2 Beta Edtior as thoese who check out my youtube page probley noticed. But I have found some time to get at least a bit of Freelancer footage done, hopefully I can get some more UFO Alien Invasion footage here soon as well.

(LP: Dune - Part 23)

Sometimes as you may have noticed with some posts on my youtube page, I have not had time to post anything here on my blog. My aplogies for that as well, again doing best I can and I appricate everyone subscribtion and viewier support and your understanding and pataince. Anything more then that well thats your call, and i'll do my best not to press it. Anyway thats really all I have for now, hopefully i'll have more then 1 LP update for you all this coming week. Untill then, take care!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chrono Cross LP Returns!

(LP: Chrono Cross Part 10)

Hey everyone hope you are having a great start to your weekend, were getting setup this weekend right with the return of an LP that was acutally started at the beging of this year. Its reponse intially was low and so it was placed on suspended status, but lately thoese old vids have been getting good views and so now its back in full force! 4 new parts of Chrono Cross LP is now up for your viewing enjoyment with also so graphic fixes on the emulator to fix the old slowdown issue the previous LP's were having as well!

I'm hoping to kick the start of the week off with of course my game development/programming vblog and possibly some more LP's as well, probley of dune. More Freelancer LP's and of course UFO: Alien Invasion can be expected this coming week as well. I'll do my best to get them up and out there for all of you to enjoy! I want to aplogize that we havn't gotten back to any normal like schedule this is mainly due to RL and school. As always I want to keep such things out of this blog, but needless to say its impeeding on my game time and unfournlty that includes my LP's as well. I am trying to get more into the habbit of playing games for LP's when ever I feel like it and recodring that footage so at least I have a backlog so hopefully we wont have to many deep gaps like MM9, and FL have had latley.

So anywayz please stick around for more of course! And have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MM9 LP! And Hello Spring/Summer!

(LP - Might & Magic IX(9) Part 101)

Hey again all my aplogies for the small gap in posts, in case you missed it before the end of last month I did post an update on youtube with 3 more Dune LP's and also 4 of the new LP to replace TFTD, so check them out! Its a new month and praticly near the end of spring begining of summer! And to get it right back on I've got (finnaly ;P) an update with 5 new MM9 LP videos for you all! I've done some tweaking, as that was took so long, volume should be better and less of a hassel on my end so take a look and enjoy!

More LP's of course on the horizon as i'm working on getting plenty of raw footage to use, RL is rearing to become a pain again, new term of college is starting so yeah could get pretty busy! Hoping to have a new vblog out this weekend of more game/programming for you all so be on the look out for that as well! So whats in store LP wise in the near future? Well more Dune of course, more MM9, more Freelancer and more UFO:AI, but whats probley next is a nice retrun of Chrono Cross! Yes shown enough intreste in views and i've got it to work great on my new system so I will be takining that LP off suspension and it will be continuing here shortly!

So as always stay tunned for much more and thank you so much for your countinued support and patiance! Untill next time!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Dune LP!

(LP: DoxBox - Dune Part 12)

Hey everyone! Time for another update, though not a huge one! My aplogies once again, RL is rearing up, sparing you the details lets just say Looking For Work & Finals...Nuff said ;) But never the less I do have something to hopefully tide you all over! Another Dune LP update for everyone, 4 new parts I hope you all enjoy. As for the computer power supply I did mangage to get an adapter for now to power my other two drives. Though a 550 watt is not ideal for my puter and it is almost 3 years old, well it will have to do for now.

I'm hoping to get another vblog out by the weekend if I can and then focus on that new LP to replace TFTD and other lps for you all! Sorry its been really hetic everyone but I really am gratefull to all of you for your patiance and of course your countinued subscription, as always as soon as anything new is up it of course will be posted and shown here asap! So yeah thats pretty much whats going on, so all for now hopefully have some more for you all this weekend, untill then, back to the studying for me, lates all!

Friday, April 23, 2010

More Dune LP & Game Programming VBlog!

(LP: Dune Part 7)

Hello again everyone, back again just in time for the weekend as I promissed! And I have plenty more goodness for you all. I do have a good helping of 5 parts of my DUNE LP for you all to look at enjoy and theres plenty more of that too come! So check it out, also on the LP department it appears Chrono Cross, witch was on suspended status, has gained a lot of following and intrest as of late! And as such will be resumed for LPing so you can expect more of it soon!

(VBlog - Game Development 4 - Part 1)

I've also, as promissed, got a new vblog up for my game programming/development vblog! 4 new parts for you all to enjoy and take a look a as I begin working on the new dialog class for the game GUI. You can expect a lot more updates of these vblogs throughout the next few weeks as I try to get all the back footage I have of it, and get a bit more caught up on what i've been doing on it now. You can always get an idea of that from the Chaos Rift forums, so be sure to check them out!

(VBlog - Game Development 4 - Part 2)

Besides all that I have a lot coming up, but i've hit and very annoying snag. I try to leave RL out of this, but in this case its related. My power supply just went out this afternoon! I'm running on a much older, much smaller backup, that I dont know how long will last let alone if it will meet the demands of my system, and worse yet I dont have all the power connections i need for my drives! Yes thats right one whole hard drive, and my DVD-RW drive has no power due to this limt. I'm going to see if I can rectify this issue tommorow or early next week. And I wont lie money is tight here, so there may be a rather large gap in postings for a while.

>(VBlog - Game Development 4 - Part 3)

So my aplogies for that, of course as soon as I get it rectified i'll be back in shape to get updates for you. After all I need my PC not for gamming but for school, so i'll hopefully have everything back up and running at normal soon. Thats all I have for you now, stayed tunned of course for more, updates and of course more posting as soon as possible. The new LP to replace TFTD is coming up really soon as well of course more LP's and VBlogs! Till next time!

(VBlog - Game Development 4 - Part 4)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WoW Onxyia & Finnaly Freelancer LP!

(VBlog - WoW Onxyia 10 Man)

Hey everyone a little late in posting this but never the less coming at you with a new VBlog a little unexpected but welcome this time of downing Onxyia! Good stuff all around and have come full circle for our guild as many of you who follow the blog may remeber. So definlty give that a good look at hopefully you will enjoy it! On the other end as longed promissed Freelancer LPs are back! Whew that took way to long I know and I aplogize but its back with 6 new LPs of it for you to enjoy!

(LP: Freelancer Part 24)

Its been a very long wait for more Freelancer and my aplogies for that, alot been going on and still is so my timing on uploading stuff and also updating the blog here may be a bit off as well. But i'm trying to to be to idle for you all I defeintly have more Dune LP in the pipeline for you all. Thanks to your wonderfull response on that expect to see more of it by this weekend. And also of course more game design/programming vblogs up for you all to enjoy as well! A lot of progress has been waiting to be encoded so its about time I got back to it.

And of course theres still STO, MM9 more Freelancer, maybe some WoW but more importantly the new LP to replace TFTD. I know i've asked you all to be patince with me xcom fans and please continue to do so, should hopefully only be a while longer. So stick in there and expect more! For now enjoy whats up and remeber to check back latter this week for more! If you havn't already please subscribe to the blog or my youtube page or both! And thank you to everyone who has and continues to support my efforts. All this would be pointless without you dedicated viewers, so thank you as always! All for now! Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekend! New Dune LP!

(LP DOSBox: Dune - Part 1)

Hey everyone and a great weekend I hope for you all. My aplogies for the late posting didn't get everything up as I hoped but I did manage to get a new LP up, now for thoese wondering, no this is not the LP to replace TFTD so dont your fret XCOM fans thats still to come! No this a new LP and our first classic DOS game! Yeah thats right, DOS being run through DOSBOX of course. Granted we could call TFTD the first DOS game too but eh okay this is the first DOSBOX game ;P

So what is it? Simple its DUNE, more specifcly the DUNE CD version, I love this game it really never gets old no matter its age I always seem to come back to it to play it once again, i've acutally beaten it a couple of times but its been a very long while since i've played! This acutally went up around fridayish and its had a great response gald to see so many of you also used to play this classic! So whats comin up, Freelancer LP is still on top that will be the next LP period so you can definly expect it soon, more DUNE as well of course is a good possiblity and of course more MM9 hopefully by next weekend.

As for the VBlog department, well STO is always a possiblity but i'd expect more on the game development/programming side of things for anything VBlog this week. So slowly but steadly I will get things out to you all so please continue to stay tuned and be pataient we may be a bit slower then ussal now but dosn't mean I wont continue to update as much as possible. As always thank you for continuing to do so I appricate it very much. So untill latter everyone!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lack Of Updates & WoW EoE!

(VBlog - WoW - EoE 10-Man)

Heyaz everyone its been a while since theres been an update here my aplogies, also my aplogies for the lack of uploads latley RL has been pushing at me. So first I want to give you all an update of whats going on and to expect. Without going into detail RL is of course getting in the way without going into to much detail its cutting into my time a bit more the ussal and probley will for a while. This means I will be slowing down on updates and uploades hopefully not to the lack of uploads for a week but as most of you who have stuck with me thus far know it does occur.

So whats up on the ballot? Well I do have a WoW update and vblog for you all as you can see. Our guild went in and took down, again, Malygos. This time with me present so I could get the achivment and of course get you all the footage! So by all means take a look and enjoy it! There is another STO update on the horzion as well I do have footage of at least another rank so that vblog coming up soon is a good possiblity. And of course theres plenty more gamming/programming vblog footage to cover and go over for you all as well. Vblog's aside the LP department things have switched a bit, i've put off starting the new replacement for TFTD for a bit as I get a little more used to playing it, my aplogies to everyone whos waiting for that just hang in there another week or so longer and it will be up before you know it, hopefully you will all feel it was worth the wait!

As for the other LP's of course more MM9 is always on schedule, as most of you who saw the last LP's know I was having a bit of graphic glitches/issues with it running in Windows 7 (before I was running it in XP along with TFTD) if I can't get thoese issues more ironed out I may switch back to running it on XP, you wont notice much of a change except less of me complaing about it heh. And of course Freelancer LP is well overdue now and I totaly aplogize because well i've been picky latley. I'll be sure to rectify that asap and getting it up. There also is another new LP on the horizon another test out for you all, this will be a good one, its the first DOS LP for you all. All i'll tell you for now is it's a stragety/RPG game and hopefully you will all enjoy it!

For all other LP's just a quick update, Chrono Cross and Rainbow Six remain on suspended, and of course Company Of Heros is Discountinued. For thoes of you wondering what that all means, it means based on your views and response Chrono Cross and Rainbow Six LP's are not continuing on a regular basis, however I still have the saves and such of where we left off so I can also continue it if desire is there latter. Company Of Heros was suspended but with the loss of my save data in a bad backup it is now discontinued so theres no hope of resuming it. Again I base the response from your overall viewing trends just to give you an example if I release a new LP and I put up 4 parts. If the 1st part gets 200 views, the 2nd gets about 78, the 3rd about 89 and the 4th gets 175. Then from that I can tell the LP is popular enough and theres intrest enough in it to continue. Even thou the views level off bewteen the two from the 1st and 4th I can see theres a following and intrest in the LP.

Just a little insight on how I make my decisions, anyway thats all I have for you right now hopefully i'll have another update for you all, i'm hoping Tuesday. Untill next time!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

More VB.NET VBlog!

(VBlog - Game Development/Programming 2 - Part 1)

Hello everyone and happy weekend to you all, a little late getting this up but not by too much, if you hadn't noticed roughly friday I uploaded my newest Game Development/Programming Vblog this is using the new format I told you about, and like I mention the quality didnt come out exactly as I hoped and due to some issues I wasnt' able to really speed up footage as I wanted. So this can and proibly will change after a few posts so I can get it more to the exact format I want and you all will all be able to see much more. Still the new vblog and what I have in place for this I think is much much better then it was while still keeping some elements of what you had before from the 1st vblog.

(VBlog - Game Development/Programming 2 - Part 2)

So what do I have for you this time, well quite a bit primarly the adding of our first GUI overlay, or rather doing GUI's on top of GUI's it exciting and a bit of work for our first time, but I think you'll see particulary in the next couple vblogs how things pick up once we get into the swing of it and just how robust and easy it is for me to code and implment new basic GUI over GUI elements. Definlty a lot here in this 4 parts besides showing all that, in the 'speed up' parts I talk about aspects of game development/programming and programming in genreal that I have noticed and i've myself have applied.

(VBlog - Game Development/Programming 2 - Part 3)

I also touch a little on why and what i'm focused on doing this instead of worrying about latter elmens for the game. Its important everyone remebers that were primarly focused on expanding and adding and working on the game engine as it was set, and while some aspects of acutall gameplay are in the back of my mind and even to be worked on, without completing or having a full foundation, if you will, you can't really focus on design, because you do not know the limts of your engine. And thats what i'm working on here and why I have a focus on making things as flexiable and changable as possible so when I do work on acutally designing the gameplay I can worry about that, and not going 'well I guess I have to go back to the engine code and change this or this' and i'll try to talk a bit more about that in my 'speed up' commentary in the next vblog.

(VBlog - Game Design/Programming 2 - Part 4)

As I mention and show in the video I also am posting information and taking your questions or insight as well on the Chaos Rift witch is basicly not only the offical forums for Elysian Shadows but also a place for us indepented, learning, student, having fun, whatever you want to call us game designer/programmers to have a place to hang out, talk about programming, design, our projects, our favrotie movie whatever, there a great place and you should check them out! You will find a lot of great stuff there and even more projects and videos and such from those projects on the forums, and like I said you will find me there as well.

Also I stated that if anyone wishes to contribuite to this project in anyway, code, ideas, resources (sounds, music, graphics, sprites etc.) they are more then welcome to do so and send it to me via email to quickshot14@gmail.com I will give them full credit for there contribution in the project credits. So thats all I have for you right now of course more coming up next week, got a STO vblog slated for monday, of course more MM9 LP and a lot more coming you way, yes even more game design/programming, hopefully more Freelancer LP and of course our new LP to take TFTD place, what could it be, coming up next week. Thank you for your continued support, encourgment, comments, and subscriptions, have a great weekend everyone see you Monday!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Some MM9 LPs!

(LP - MM9 Part 95)

Hello everyone, got my update as promissed althought not what I was exactly hoping to have up for you all. RL has bumped in the way a tad so I havnt had a chance to get new Freelancer LPs done yet and unfournlty I also fought with the new Game Design/Programing vblog format so all I manged to get up for you all today is 4 new parts of Might & Magic IX. Witch really isnt so bad is it. :P

Through these parts we make are way through the last of Chasm of the Dead and have some close calls and some, deaths opps. But no fret we make it through somehow, watch the LP for all the details! I have manged to get the new vblog format of the Game Design/Programming working the way I want now in a timely manner and will be finshing thoese up and possibly uploading them tonight or tommrow night so stay tunned definly cause there could be another blog post sooner then latter!

Definlty have more MM9 to share with you all as well next week and of course more STO too. And the all important Freelancer LP and yes our new TFTD LP replacement, what could it be, you'll find out next week! So deifnlty much more to see and do so please check back, also if you like to contribute to my game design/programming project ethier with code, resources (such as music, graphics, sprites, etc.), ideas or suggestions by all means shoot me an email with your contribution to the project to quickshot14@gmail.com all for now!

Monday, March 15, 2010

VBlog Monday! STO & WoW!

(VBlog - STO Lt.3 to Lt. 5 Part 1)

Hey everyone back with a new week and this time were kicking it off with some vblogs! First up some more Star Trek Online(STO) for your all, no more old footage here this is the good stuff straight with the new resolution and my kick butt new machine! I hope you all enjoy it. Got 4 whole parts for you to enjoy as I follow progress from Lt.3 to Lt. 5 and show you guys a lot of good stuff particulary if your just starting out!

(VBlog - STO Lt.3 to Lt.5 Part 2)

We start out with what you can expect to be doing with exploration missions, we then go ahead and do a normal mission/episode that you obtain that helps flesh out some more of the games story a bit. Then finnaly we take a look at Memory Alpha and the Defense patrol missions as well. Also there of course is some new space and ground gear and the all important skillpoints spent. Defintly a lot of good stuff you will not want to miss out on!

(VBlog - STO Lt.3 to Lt.5 Part 3)

I do also have a WoW vblog for you all, its only one part and it even has a bit of old footage along with the new but its goodness none the less! Its our final part in the Grizzly Hills quest serious. The last few quests we need to get the achivement, so if you have been waiting for this, wait no longer its up and read for you all to enjoy! And thats all for this monday but the new week has just begun and its going to be a full one!

(VBlog - STO Lt.3 to Lt.5 Part 4)

There's a lot on our plate this week, we definlty have more LP goodness for you all, sides more MM9 its also about time we got back to the tradelanes of Freelancer! So you will all definlty not want to miss out on all that! And of course lets not forget more game development/programming vblogs as well! I already have a ton of footage siting waiting to be processed and enjoyed, i've made real progress that I can not wait to share will all of you!

(VBlog - WoW Grizzly Hills Quests Part 5)

So when will this be out, when can you expect the new post and uploads? I'm thinking Thrusday, so make sure you check back then! Oh yes we still have a little thing of the new LP to take up TFTD torch...such a large task...still not saying what it is, and i'm honeslty not sure if were going to see it this week, but if we dont you can definlty expect it next week! Ethier way make sure you stayed tuned theres plenty more heading your guys way! Thanks as always and we'll see you Thursday!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Last LPs of TFTD & More MM9 LPs!!

(LP - TFTD Part 180)

Hello everyone, the moment has finnaly arrived, the last 3 parts of the first LP I have ever done! Thats right TFTD is now complete, my first LP is finshed and done and there for you all to enjoy and see, so check it out, or see it again or for the first time if you want! Its been a great ride and awsome fun and i'm glad you all could come along for the ride. But hey wait dosnt mean there isnt more LPs on the way, and I have a special treat that should keep you TFTD and XCOM fans intrested so definlty stay tunned!

(LP - MM9 Part 91)

Its definlty an LP weekend this weekend as I also have gotten back to MM9 for you all and I have 4 brand new parts up for you all. You will have to aplogize part 91 some of it is repeat footage so my aplogies for that. Still a lot of goodness going on as our party continues on through the perils of the chasm of the dead! Theres still plenty more for you all to enjoy so definlty stay tunned! One of the great things about my new hard drives is my ablity to now acutally get a lot of footage for you all and keep it comin without worry or interfernce with my day to day life.

Makes this all the funner. As for whats coming up next week, well a Monday update should be in order and were going to kick off the week right, with two vblogs! Thats right, first up is more STO aka Star Trek Online, fresh with my new puter so you definlty wont want to miss that! And also were going to see about getting a WoW vblog up as well for you all to enjoy, at the very least we'll see about finshing out our Grizzly Hills! Then latter on in the week its more vblog programming, this is more true vblog format though keeping some of the commentary struture. Thank you all so much for your encorugement and ratings and comments, please keep it up!

And last but not least of course more MM9 LP and of course I havnt forgoten Freelancer! So much to look forward to next week. So for now enjoy your LP weekend and i'll see you all monday! Till then.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Game Programming VBlog & More TFTD LP!

(VBlog - Game Programming 1 - Part 1)

Hello everyone its mid week roughly and its time for another update, today I have the first vblog of my Game Development/Programming for you all. Its a whoping 12 parts due to the format witch is pretty much a straight commentary, so theres very little cuts and no speeding up. The next vblog for my Game Development/Programming will not follow the same exact format. We'll still have some straight comentary but things will be sped up here and there and more cuts possible. So for now enjoy it for what it is and by all means please leave your comments and raitings of course.

(LP - TFTD Part 177)

I also have 3 more parts of my TFTD LP for you all too, so very close to the end there really isnt that much left in fact this weekend will probley be the last parts for TFTD so you dont want to miss it! We move finnaly on to level 3 of Telth so this really is do or die time! As for other LP's dont fret MM9 playtime is schedule for latter today and I even got some STO playtime scheduled for tommorow so much more coming up! So I would say you can cerinlty expect some MM9 LP's up on saturday as well.

I did mention i'd have some links specifcly to the books I got that really helped me get into game development/programming for VB.NET, its a great book and it can be found here so by all means if your intrested grab it, you can get it for a fairly good price. Thats all I have for you all for now, please feel free to post your comments of course I have no beauty shot for you today :( I know so sad. So untill this weekend all! Take care.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WoW Sons Of Hodir & More TFTD LP!


(VBlog - WoW Sons Of Hodir Part 1)

Hello again everyone back with more for you all as promissed! Got some WoW for you all this time, somewhat of a special quest look at the quest chain to get your Sons Of Hodir rep opened up. If your into raiding or will be and dont have your Sons of Hodir rep yet. this is the vblog for you! Its 2 parts showing you the basics start to finish of the quests you will need to complete to get that ever so important rep open! As well as other genreal information about why you would want the rep, and also what you can do in order to help increase it once you have it! So check it out!

(VBlog - WoW Sons Of Hodir Part 2)

I also have more of our last videos of TFTD LP for you all, 3 more brand new parts of what was definlty the longest part at least it seemed like it of Telth. Lets just say the aliens love to annoy and piss me off to the bitter end! Keep watching theres not to many videos/parts really left, we really are that close to the end of this LP so dont miss a beat of it! What will I do after the TFTD LP? Well I have had a specific LP in mind for quite a while, and I may do it afterwords, you'll just have to keep watching to find out!

(LP - TFTD Part 174)

But hey woah there that not all we got for this week! I'm gearing up for a few things for you, of course more of the last of the TFTD LP but also more MM9 LP and yes ever my first programming VBlog. The programming VBlog will not be like my other VBlogs at least for now i'll be trying out a few diffrent formats for you all as we go along to find a good mix. I'll also be showing a little bit of specs/info about my new system upgrade in that first programming VBlog, so if your really curious about it make sure you check it out, hopefully all that will be up in the next couple days or so.

So definlty stayed tuned for lots more coming up at you! I've still been sorting and even still installing stuff on my new machine, bewteen school its keeping me very busy but no worries as I said lots more of course coming your way and if you have been waiting patinelty for more MM9 and even Freelancer LP don't fret they are coming asap so please stayed tuned! Thanks so much as always everyone keep subing, spreading the word and of course raiting! Heres a great ironforge flight shot to leave you all with till latter!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

More TFTD LP & STO VBlog Reporting In!


(LP - TFTD Part 171)

Hey everyone back here once again as promissed this weekend with some great stuff for you all! First and foremost 3 more parts of the thrilling conclusion of the long running TFTD LP! Telth Level 2 is turning into a real hassle but not for the reasons you may suspect! Be sure to check out all three parts to see why and of course to continue seeing more of what will happen!

(VBlog - STO - Lt.2 to Lt. 3 Part 1)

Also hailing in from a galaxy not so far away, is more Star Trek Online (STO) Vblog for you, continuing of course right where we left off as we procede from Lt. 2 to Lt.3 and a bit more so I can empty out my old raw footage that was recoreded with my old machine. Needless to say when you see STO again its going to look soooo much better you will feel like you can beam right in! We got three whole parts of STO goodness here for you as we go over your first real missions fresh out of the tutorial!

(VBlog - STO - Lt. 2 to Lt.3 Part 2)

I touch on some of the ship tatics and diffrences that I know of bewteen the three classes. As well of course as a basic walkthrough of these first few missions that you yourself will go through. As well as a look at my borg bridge officer that I received from my pre-order and of course a whole lot of starships going boom! Definlty worth seeing! My aplogies on the third part, with my new system and gettng preimer back in order it seems the video may not of encoded or uploaded quite properly. So any issues with the 3rd part my aplogies!

(VBlog - STO - Lt.2 to Lt. 3 Part 3)

Unfournlty thats all I have for you this weekend, I dont expect anything more up untill early this coming week, tuesday at the latest mainly due to school. But what you can expect is of course more juice TFTD LP, getting to close to stop now! And also some WoW vblogs for you all as well, its been a bit, and well I need to round off a lot of this old footage so it will be a bit of a special with the quests following the Sons Of Hodir, so if your into raiding or getting into it, and havn't done that at all yet, you wont want to miss it!

And of course much more coming up next week, we are getting right back into the swing of things, so expect more LP's of course and possibly even, since you voted for it, our first vblog dealing with my game development! So by all means stick around, thank you so much as always for your continued support, spreading the word and of course subscribing! Heres a nice beatuy shot of me in a raid in Ulduar where it looks like we are going to poke the boss with a very long stick....hmm dosn't seem right. LOL Untill next time guys have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

TFTD LP Reporting In!


(LP - TFTD Part 166)

Hey everyone! Its been a long while to say the lesat since we last had a real update! My aplogies for that it was a 'prefect storm' if you will last week. Computer Upgrade, starting new term at college and a big bad cold to boot! Needless to say last week was one that was spent in a blur and in bed! But no fear back I am with much waited for a deserived TFTD LPs!!! Yes you have been patient and you will be rewarded!

5 Brand new parts that are definlty the best ever! Weather you have been watching since Day 1 or just started a few days ago, this is it, do or die time, Telth or bust! So get cracking and stay tunned for more! Needless to say our wonderfull and my first LP is nearing its conclusion one way or another! I'm enjoying my new computer quite a bit and I hope you all get to see just how nice it looks sometime soon! But stick around more to come of course!! I've got STO footage just dying to become a vblog here very soon, of course there more TFTD LP's you dont want to miss, and oh yes, MM9, WoW and Freelancer still to come!

Time to get back into things so stayed tunned!! Heres a great beatuy shot from WoW of me in the spotlight! Till this weekend!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Still Alive & Coughing!

I'm still alive guys! Barley Damn bad luck this past week got school start, puter upgrade and sick all in one shot oui! Anywayz I'm back up and running and i'll be showing off not only my new pc but some of my programming i'll also be getting back to my LP's of course and more so stay tunned and thanks so much for your support!!

So please stay tunned!

Friday, February 19, 2010

WoW! Heroics Times 3!


(VBlog - WoW Heroics - Utgarde Keep, Nexus, Gundrak)

Greets everyone i'm a bit late posting this but not to late! So thats good news :) Got a WoW vblog up finnaly, WOOT! This time I've got more heroics, but not 1, nor 2 but three total! I know its crazy, but by all means enjoy it and check it out esppcialy if your working on the light festival may come in handy for you all I do hope!

We still got a few days left to vote on the pool, right now its looking pretty close so make sure you let me know! As you should all know by now I do listen and witch ever comes out on top will be done :) I would love to share with you all what i'm doing with my programming via vblog but the choice and poll is yours to make so let me hear it!

Not much time in the week left but i'll try to get ethier a STO (Star Trek Online) vblog up this weekend or get some more LP goodness up by monday, ethier way you will want to stay tunned! So no word yet on when will my upgrade will happen, has to be soon not to much time left, heres hoping its sooner rather then latter. Pretty much all for now, got a beatuy shot, woot! Of WoW of a druid and her pup...awwww! Enjoy till next time everyone!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Freelancer LP Monday & Poll!

(LP - Freelancer Part 20)

Greetings everyone back once again as promissed with some Freelancer LP for everyone! Got 4 parts here for you all to enjoy, but dont hit your cruise drive just yet! I've also got a poll up for everyone and I'd really like your input on this! As most all of you know on the 500+ subscriber tribute I gave you all a look and information about my programing that i've been really working on lately. And if you didnt see that make sure you do check out that vid! So this poll is simple, I want your input on wether or not I should start vbloging the 'unanounced' project I all mentioned in that video for everyone?

I'd really like your honest input on this, I figure as much as I work on it recording my progress for you all and getting to see it at least put some vids up for you all. So please let me know what ya like to see, the poll is up for a week so theres plenty of time to vote and dont be surpise if I mentione it a few LP's and vblogs this week. How many will be out this week? I honeslty dont know i'm still waiting on my upgrade so it could be the normal amount of few i'll be sure to post here when I begin to back things up and prepare for my system upgrade.

Untill next time all I got for now! Enjoy the LP and be sure to vote and we'll have more for everyone soon!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

TFTD & MM9 LP Weekend!

(LP - TFTD Part 163)

Hello again everyone! Back once more as promissed with more LP goodness from TFTD and MM9! Got a total of 3 vids for TFTD and 2 vids for MM9 for you all to enjoy. Contuning right were we left off before so if you have been following you have been waiting for this and it was worth the wait! What will be the outcome of our first real base defense in TFTD! And what is going to happen in the Chasm of the Dead in MM9?

(LP - MM9 Part 89)

Well take a look at them! So what was missing this past week, sides an obvious WoW vblog, Freelancer also did not appear. Dont fret i'll be getting up a new Freelancer LP for you all hopefully by Monday! Still no exact idea on the date for my upgrade so next week may be a bit off for LP's and VBlogs. So please stick with me for this next week. On the programming end of things, i'm doing well, working on that 'unannounced' project I mentioned in the tribute vid and its coming along great! On the WoW front i'm enjoying a little time working on my Death Knight and also getting some achviments for the Love Is In The Air holiday.

So stay tunned more coming up! Possibly even, wow something we havnt had in a while, a Poll?! Yup stay tunned for it! And thank you as always for your continued dedication, views, rates, comments and of course subscribtions! Untill next week!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

First Real STO VBlog!


(VBlog - STO - Avatar Creation & Tutorial Part 1)

Hello again everyone back with as promissed the first STO vblog! This details avatar creation of my main on STO, Feline. This also includes the entire tutorial for you all to take a look at and enjoy! My STO vblog will run very much like my WoW vblog does and has. So were starting with the tutorial and going from rank Ensign 1 to Lt. 2! All in just 3 parts, this footage is also from the early live head start game! So I hope you all enjoy it!

(VBlog - STO - Avatar Creation & Tutorial Part 2)

For you WoW fans dont worry i'll still continue my WoW vblogs unfournlty I just dont have anything major for you this week. As for LP's I do have more TFTD and MM9 comin up by this weekend! You Freelancers dont fret more FL LP's will be up early next week just in time for me to build my new PC I do hope! Also remeber if you havnt already please check out the special 500+ youtube subs tribute that was posted earlier this week!

(VBlog - STO - Avatar Creation & Tutorial Part 3)

Thats all for now! Heres a funny beatuy screenshot for you all of me running as a transformed goblin with the LiL KT pet following me, I call it, AHHH hes after me LOL! Enjoy untill this weekend!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

500+ Youtube Subscriber Tribute!

(VBlog - 500+ Subscriber Tribute)

Hey all! Up with a quick update with that 500+ subscriber tribute for all my 500+ youtube subscribers! As a way of saying thank you this time my tribute is a behind the scenes look at what i've been up to and also a bit about what I use to make the vids you see! So please take a look, also please give your opinon and thank you so much for your continued dedication and subscribtions, feedback, comments and of course views! I really do appreciate it very much! More coming up this week so stayed tunned!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Back With TFTD & MM9 LP Action!

(LP - TFTD Part 160)

Hello again everyone its been a bit I know i'll get to why in just a bit but no further delays back up again with well worth waiting for LP's for you all! First up a 3 course meal of TFTD LP for you! Its getting good folks! You do not want to miss any parts coming up for TFTD belive me were getting to the home stretch so check it out! We also have a healthy 3 parts of MM9 LP for you all as well! Yes were getting down to bussniess to as we start heading towards the Chasm of the Dead! Definlty both worth the wait and up for your enjoyment!

(LP - MM9 Part 86)

So whats been the delay! Its been 6 to 7 days since my last upload, and that was after I got over another nasty cold! Well honeslty thanks to a lot of encorugment from school, my family and youtube i've been hammering out some programming! And i'm happy to say i've come a long way! So much so i'm hoping someday soon to show you all what i've been working on! Theres big things still coming of course i've got a STO vblog rearing to go with my brand new toon on live servers going through the entire creation and tutorial! If you have been wondering about STO in its final format, or wanting to check it out you will not want to miss that vblog! Also I have more MM9 and TFTD goodness for you all as well coming up!

And depending on some things I will hopefully have some more Freelancer LP's up as well! Whats some things, how about a brand new puter! Lets just say tax season was good to us this year and I can give my wife her desktop back and build my own! So yes plenty more to come stay tuned I havnt gone anywhere, and how yes have to mention 500 subscribers on youtube! Thank you all so much for your support and dedication you can expect a new special tribute video for you all up as soon as possible! So to leave you all with a nice beatuy shot of me in Dalaran! Untill next time everyone!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Opps A bit Back Logged!

Hey all sorry about the lack of updates on the blog life kind of got a hold of me! LOL Theres been a few updates on youtube of some LP's And VBlogs that did not get posted here from last month, go check them out! I havnt relased much so far this febuary i've acutally been burried in programming! Its good stuff, but i'll try to get an LP or vblog up here asap! Thanks all sorry again, check out my youtube channel if you havnt yet other wise stay tunned! Also I got a new feed up for you all thats WoW related to your right, so you can see what i've been upto in WOW! Untill next time!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TFTD & Old School WoW Raid!

(LP - TFTD Part 156)

Hey again everyone back once more a little latter then I expected been a bit of a busy weekend for me. Besides RL stuff I kind of got sucked into a game that your going to hopefully be hearing more about very soon, but non-the less i'm back once more with more goodness. First the long promissed LP of TFTD! 4 new parts for you all to enjoy you can see it now were soooo very close to the end my freinds definlty dont miss out! Also I have a new WoW vblog for you all this of course of our last old school raid of Tempest Keep: The Eye! Good times and good stuff here again you dont want to miss out on!

(VBlog - WoW Old School Raid - Tempest Keep: The Eye)

Also a bit of an update for everyone, it looks like due to some RL money issues my work on the top 25 must play series will have to be delayed for at least a month or two. Hopefully by March i'll be able to get start working on it but time will tell. However I still have more of the LP's and WoW you crave, as well of course some new things! You want to stayed tuned, cause there just may be a new vblog thats not WoW in your future. And of course we got more great MM9, FL possibly some Chrono Cross and even a new LP!

So as always thanks for your support and continued viewing, stay tuned more to come for now leaving you all with a beatuy shot of the guild in Tempest Keep after we downed prince kael, enjoy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Freelancer LP!

(LP - Freelancer Part 14)

Hello again everyone back again this week with some more for you, this time some Freelancer LP's for you to enjoy, 3 to be exact! Cruising around in our new fighter and picking up some mission and credits to continue advanceing so you dont want to miss it! I want to continue to thank everyone were at nearly 360 subscribers on youtube and continue to climb so please keep spreading the word!

Still plenty more to come this week, i've got an old school raid in wow tommorow that you can be sure i'll be captureing for next weeks vblog. We still have some LP's to look forward to before the week is out including of course some TFTD, so you will definlty want to stay tuned! If your not already subscribed on youtube please do so and of course you can subscribe to the blog as i'll update it with each new addtion on youtube! My top 25 list is looking good the contedners list is getting pretty long so it will definlty take some effort but well worth it! All for now untill next time everyone!

Monday, January 11, 2010

WoW Quests & ToC!!

(VBlog - WoW: Grizzly Hills Quests Part 3)

Hello again everyone and a good new week to you all, i'm back bright with more WoW goodness for all of you wow fans as promissed! We got 2 great vblogs here for you including a new Grizzly Hills quests look continuing right where we left off for our last look. As well as another vblog the guilds first run and progression into Trial of the Crusader or ToC 10!

(VBlog - WoW: ToC 10 - Beasts Of Northrend)

Of course theres more to look forward to this week of course more LP's still to come so you want to stay tuned as well as more WoW! As for some of the new things this year i've allready started working on a list for my future Top 25 must play games vblog that I will be developing and releasing in the futrue. Details I can share with you now is that each vblog part will have 2-3 games from the list starting for 25 up to 1. The first part of the video besides including games 25 and 24 will also detail the process of how I came to this list. Games included will be considered multi-genre and although they can be multi-platform with the use of emulators can be played on a machine. They also will be 100% legal to obtain, ethier from abandon/freeware, or from online purchasing. More details will be released as I approch doing this series!

Thats all for now, no beauty shot for today my aplogies, but stay tuned more to come untill next time!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

End Of Week, MM9 LP & Some WoW

(LP - Might & Magic 9 Part 76)

Hello again everyone what a week its been so far! A hell of a new year start I think and a proper one for all of you who continue to watch support and of course subscribe to my vblog and lps. Thank you! So for the end of the week as promised I have more LP of MM9, 8 new parts for you all to enjoy! And I also did manage to sneak in a WoW vblog for you all as well! But dont fret if you didnt get enough of a WoW fix this week, next week you can look forward to more wow goodness, including a new quest vblog and a first look at the beasts 3-stage boss fight from ToC 10 with the guild! You defintly dont want to miss all that!

(VBlog - WoW: Heroic Drak'throrm & Halls Of Lightning)

As for the vblog of wow this week I have a nice heroic of both Drak'throm keep and Halls of Lighting i've been siting on the DTK footage for a while as I was missing one boss but thanks to the new random lfg system and running heroics well i got that footage including HoL to share with you all. You can of course expect more heroics in the future as well. Also on the wow front my DK is nearing 70 now finnaly I know i'm hoping to have it as my first alt to 80 and also to be my first tank ever...if you all like to see more of that by all means let me know!

Thats all for this week enjoy your weekend we will back with a more regular updates next week, untill then have a great beatuy screenshot of myself in a ToC 10 PuG with a nice shot of a certian annoying large nerbuian that has meat its fate, enjoy till next week!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It came from the DEEP! More LP TFTD!

(LP - TFTD Part 147: Ready Or Not)

Hey everyone hope your week is coming to a good close its freezing here! But that hasnt stoped me for this packed week oh no still rolling on and this is what a lot of you have been waiting for, yes more TFTD and not just a few a ton! 9 new parts for you all to enjoy and there biggie as we take another good try at alien bases yikes! You definlty dont want to miss these!

But hey thats not all for this week, it may be rolling down but theres still more to come, MM9 LP isnt to far away and of course for you wow peeps dont worry got some great vblogs coming for WoW as well. So stayed tuned, this is your new year helping and theres still a good heapin helping coming at you! Got an ice beatuy shot of me on a warlock telporter, summon me up locky!!! Enjoy and stay tunned!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Week, More Freelancer!

(LP - Freelancer Part 7)

Greets everyone its a brand new week in the new year! And i'm not missing a beat, right off the new year and our new LP its some more of what you have been waiting for! Starting off with 7 new parts of the Freelancer LP you all showed how much you like! So hit it up enjoy it, cause theres more to come this week! Of course TFTD and MM9 are just around the corner, and now that the holdiays are over the guild is getting right back into it, and theres lots more WoW footage coming at you, including could it be...a new raid? Dont want to miss it so stay tuned and enjoy!! Leaving you all with a nice shot of our one shot conquering of Kolgarm that we downed before the holdiays! Enjoy see you latter this week!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Kicking Off 2010 W/ Things To Come!

(GMV - Warcraft 3: Are You Ready?)

Hey all, happy new year! I'm back and ready to go and what a new year it will be, were getting you off right this new year with just an idea of whats to come, thanks to my RL trip I got a lot of my old games and backups and well its just a hint of whats coming this year for the vblog and the LP's! So what better way to start it off then an old GMV (Game Music Video) I compiled and put together back when Warcraft 3 came out! Its something that did not get circulated as well as my Starcraft Voodoo GMV, but something i'm very proud of. Its been up for a few days now but I held off untill new years to post it here on the blog because I have a special new LP treat for everyone!

(LP - Chrono Cross: Part 1)

Yes one of thoese things was my PSOne and my games including Chrono Cross, ran right on my computer using ePSXE! Though it took some hicups and issues since apprently my computer has a bit of a fit while recording and emulating but I hope you all enjoy it! This is just a taste and idea of what you can expect this year! So hang on, cause were just getting started, more WoW, Freelancer, TFTD and MM9 is still on its way, so keep a look out! Heres a great beatuy screenshot to leave you all with of well me ready to take on Ignis...*gulp* Till next time happy new year and heres hoping you have a great 2010!