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Friday, April 23, 2010

More Dune LP & Game Programming VBlog!

(LP: Dune Part 7)

Hello again everyone, back again just in time for the weekend as I promissed! And I have plenty more goodness for you all. I do have a good helping of 5 parts of my DUNE LP for you all to look at enjoy and theres plenty more of that too come! So check it out, also on the LP department it appears Chrono Cross, witch was on suspended status, has gained a lot of following and intrest as of late! And as such will be resumed for LPing so you can expect more of it soon!

(VBlog - Game Development 4 - Part 1)

I've also, as promissed, got a new vblog up for my game programming/development vblog! 4 new parts for you all to enjoy and take a look a as I begin working on the new dialog class for the game GUI. You can expect a lot more updates of these vblogs throughout the next few weeks as I try to get all the back footage I have of it, and get a bit more caught up on what i've been doing on it now. You can always get an idea of that from the Chaos Rift forums, so be sure to check them out!

(VBlog - Game Development 4 - Part 2)

Besides all that I have a lot coming up, but i've hit and very annoying snag. I try to leave RL out of this, but in this case its related. My power supply just went out this afternoon! I'm running on a much older, much smaller backup, that I dont know how long will last let alone if it will meet the demands of my system, and worse yet I dont have all the power connections i need for my drives! Yes thats right one whole hard drive, and my DVD-RW drive has no power due to this limt. I'm going to see if I can rectify this issue tommorow or early next week. And I wont lie money is tight here, so there may be a rather large gap in postings for a while.

>(VBlog - Game Development 4 - Part 3)

So my aplogies for that, of course as soon as I get it rectified i'll be back in shape to get updates for you. After all I need my PC not for gamming but for school, so i'll hopefully have everything back up and running at normal soon. Thats all I have for you now, stayed tunned of course for more, updates and of course more posting as soon as possible. The new LP to replace TFTD is coming up really soon as well of course more LP's and VBlogs! Till next time!

(VBlog - Game Development 4 - Part 4)

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