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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Week, More Freelancer!

(LP - Freelancer Part 7)

Greets everyone its a brand new week in the new year! And i'm not missing a beat, right off the new year and our new LP its some more of what you have been waiting for! Starting off with 7 new parts of the Freelancer LP you all showed how much you like! So hit it up enjoy it, cause theres more to come this week! Of course TFTD and MM9 are just around the corner, and now that the holdiays are over the guild is getting right back into it, and theres lots more WoW footage coming at you, including could it be...a new raid? Dont want to miss it so stay tuned and enjoy!! Leaving you all with a nice shot of our one shot conquering of Kolgarm that we downed before the holdiays! Enjoy see you latter this week!

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