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Saturday, March 6, 2010

More TFTD LP & STO VBlog Reporting In!

(LP - TFTD Part 171)

Hey everyone back here once again as promissed this weekend with some great stuff for you all! First and foremost 3 more parts of the thrilling conclusion of the long running TFTD LP! Telth Level 2 is turning into a real hassle but not for the reasons you may suspect! Be sure to check out all three parts to see why and of course to continue seeing more of what will happen!

(VBlog - STO - Lt.2 to Lt. 3 Part 1)

Also hailing in from a galaxy not so far away, is more Star Trek Online (STO) Vblog for you, continuing of course right where we left off as we procede from Lt. 2 to Lt.3 and a bit more so I can empty out my old raw footage that was recoreded with my old machine. Needless to say when you see STO again its going to look soooo much better you will feel like you can beam right in! We got three whole parts of STO goodness here for you as we go over your first real missions fresh out of the tutorial!

(VBlog - STO - Lt. 2 to Lt.3 Part 2)

I touch on some of the ship tatics and diffrences that I know of bewteen the three classes. As well of course as a basic walkthrough of these first few missions that you yourself will go through. As well as a look at my borg bridge officer that I received from my pre-order and of course a whole lot of starships going boom! Definlty worth seeing! My aplogies on the third part, with my new system and gettng preimer back in order it seems the video may not of encoded or uploaded quite properly. So any issues with the 3rd part my aplogies!

(VBlog - STO - Lt.2 to Lt. 3 Part 3)

Unfournlty thats all I have for you this weekend, I dont expect anything more up untill early this coming week, tuesday at the latest mainly due to school. But what you can expect is of course more juice TFTD LP, getting to close to stop now! And also some WoW vblogs for you all as well, its been a bit, and well I need to round off a lot of this old footage so it will be a bit of a special with the quests following the Sons Of Hodir, so if your into raiding or getting into it, and havn't done that at all yet, you wont want to miss it!

And of course much more coming up next week, we are getting right back into the swing of things, so expect more LP's of course and possibly even, since you voted for it, our first vblog dealing with my game development! So by all means stick around, thank you so much as always for your continued support, spreading the word and of course subscribing! Heres a nice beatuy shot of me in a raid in Ulduar where it looks like we are going to poke the boss with a very long stick....hmm dosn't seem right. LOL Untill next time guys have a great weekend!

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