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Saturday, January 9, 2010

End Of Week, MM9 LP & Some WoW

(LP - Might & Magic 9 Part 76)

Hello again everyone what a week its been so far! A hell of a new year start I think and a proper one for all of you who continue to watch support and of course subscribe to my vblog and lps. Thank you! So for the end of the week as promised I have more LP of MM9, 8 new parts for you all to enjoy! And I also did manage to sneak in a WoW vblog for you all as well! But dont fret if you didnt get enough of a WoW fix this week, next week you can look forward to more wow goodness, including a new quest vblog and a first look at the beasts 3-stage boss fight from ToC 10 with the guild! You defintly dont want to miss all that!

(VBlog - WoW: Heroic Drak'throrm & Halls Of Lightning)

As for the vblog of wow this week I have a nice heroic of both Drak'throm keep and Halls of Lighting i've been siting on the DTK footage for a while as I was missing one boss but thanks to the new random lfg system and running heroics well i got that footage including HoL to share with you all. You can of course expect more heroics in the future as well. Also on the wow front my DK is nearing 70 now finnaly I know i'm hoping to have it as my first alt to 80 and also to be my first tank ever...if you all like to see more of that by all means let me know!

Thats all for this week enjoy your weekend we will back with a more regular updates next week, untill then have a great beatuy screenshot of myself in a ToC 10 PuG with a nice shot of a certian annoying large nerbuian that has meat its fate, enjoy till next week!

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