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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chrono Cross LP Returns!

(LP: Chrono Cross Part 10)

Hey everyone hope you are having a great start to your weekend, were getting setup this weekend right with the return of an LP that was acutally started at the beging of this year. Its reponse intially was low and so it was placed on suspended status, but lately thoese old vids have been getting good views and so now its back in full force! 4 new parts of Chrono Cross LP is now up for your viewing enjoyment with also so graphic fixes on the emulator to fix the old slowdown issue the previous LP's were having as well!

I'm hoping to kick the start of the week off with of course my game development/programming vblog and possibly some more LP's as well, probley of dune. More Freelancer LP's and of course UFO: Alien Invasion can be expected this coming week as well. I'll do my best to get them up and out there for all of you to enjoy! I want to aplogize that we havn't gotten back to any normal like schedule this is mainly due to RL and school. As always I want to keep such things out of this blog, but needless to say its impeeding on my game time and unfournlty that includes my LP's as well. I am trying to get more into the habbit of playing games for LP's when ever I feel like it and recodring that footage so at least I have a backlog so hopefully we wont have to many deep gaps like MM9, and FL have had latley.

So anywayz please stick around for more of course! And have a great weekend!

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