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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WoW CoT4 Heroic Run & Just a little MM9 & TFTD

(LP - MM9 Part 41)

Hey again all back here with a quick update unfournlty not as much as I would of liked to have for you but never the less something for the moment. I do have a little bit of LP's up and by a little I mean only 1 new part and there not even 10 mins or over :( it was the last of the footage I have my aplogies to you all I will get back to regualr updateing on my LP's ASAP!

(LP - TFTD Part 113)

I do have a WoW vid for you all of a Heroic in particualr of Caverns of Time 4 or Culling of Strathholm not only do I go over this heroic but as you will see this is a mount run (ie. if you make it before a timer expires you get a chance at a bronze drake mount) so you definlty will want to check that out. I again aplogize for so little but things have been hetic and honeslty i've been a bit burnt out I will try to get back to regualr updates as time allows but I will try to update you all with something at the very least.

(WoW: CoT4 Heroic)

So thats all I have for you today, unforuntly, hopefully i'll have more for you in the next few days. I have a nice little pic to leave you all with of a nice little (heh) guy I found while flying around, so enjoy!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nothing to Report :(


Hello everyone I want to aplogize to everyone today, as I have really nothing for you all. I’m not feeling to well today and I didnt mange to get any more LP’s done. So I really have nothing to show you :( I know this hasnt happend in a while and hopefully this wont again if ever. So there is nothing for this weeks Thrusday posting, there is still time to vote on the poll today (and possibly into tommorow somewhat) so please do so! We want to hear your opinon on the matter! I can’t pormiss a sunday posting ethier, but I can promise a normal Tuesday update of course so you dont want to miss that. I dont have quite as much going on this weekend as I had last so i’m cofident I can get plenty of LP time in this weekend. So untill next time everyone again my aplogies! Take care.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last Of WoW Nax Raid, And LP Goodness!

(LP- MM9 Part 38)

Greets once more everyone and a happy tuesday to you all. I am back once again as promissed with more WoW & LP goodness for everyone. So yes first new LP's of MM9 (3 parts total) and TFTD (3 parts total) up respectively for your viewing enjoyment. Not as much as I hoped but better then nothing considering how busy this weekend was for me RL wise. Expect of course more LP's on thrusday!

(LP - TFTD Part 110)

And also as promissed we finnaly have the last parts of Nax up for you all to enjoy. We have finshed all the quarters previously and our new vids, witch is two parts shows the downing of the last two major bosses of nax. That being Sapharrion (I know I didnt spell that right lol) and Kel'Thuzad!! This was awsome and a huge thrill for us as a guild that you defintly dont want to miss checking out on, espiccaly since we one-shotted Saph the first time! So defintly check it out!!!

(Nax: Sap & KT - Part 1)

Of course there still much more WoW on the way, not only do I have more quest footage for you all but i'm also getting heroic footage as well, including from the brand new 5-man that you guys will definlty want to see. Then of course theres more raids stuff as we get to it, and of course my wonderfull alts. But wait lets not forget the addon special! Didnt get around to getting it up this tuesday but I will try to at least get one part up by Thursday so definlty be on the look out for that.

(Nax: Sap & KT - Part 2)

So thats all for today, as I said before more coming thrusday of course so be on the look out for that as always. Still a couple days left on the poll so make sure you make your vote heard, of course leave your comments and subscribe! Got a nice beatuy shot to leave you all with, a nice look from dalarn looking down....its a long way down!!! Enjoy till next time!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

More LPs. MM9 and a little TFTD!!!

(LP - TFTD Part 109)

Greets everyone and welcome to thrusday, as promissed I do have more LP's for you all, not the huge amount I was hoping but definlty some none the less. My aplogies on this its mid-terms so my time is a little heitic! But never the less I did managed to get some LP footage for you all, including MM9 as promissed, 5 new parts for that LP to be in fact and one new part for TFTD for you all to enjoy!

(LP-MM9 Part 33)

Thats really all I have for everyone, I wish I had more honestly but i'll see about squeezing as much LP playtime in this weekend that I can, and try to get another sunday update for you all with more LP goodness! So remeber to check that all out, course poll is still open till around next week so make sure you cast your vote and of course as always comment, subscribe and see you hopefully Sunday if not then Tuesday! Take care.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WoW Addon's Part 9 & 10 and Nax: Militarty Quarter! A Lil More TFTD!

(WoW - Addon Part 9)

Greets again everyone again no sunday but thats okay were back a little latter then ussal but no worries, back with more WoW and a little bit of TFTD for you all! So first as promissed and made, I finnaly, FINNALY! Have new addon parts for you all, part 9 and 10 respectfully are up for you all to enjoy so please do so. I also have another Nax Raid vid for you all this time of the Military Quarter so you definlty dont want to miss that ethier. And we have only TFTD today and only just a couple new parts.

(WoW - Addon Part 10)

So why so few LP's right now. Well honeslty I got to a late start this weekend on my LP's in fact I still need to play more MM9 to get more footage, not to worry though Thrusday will see a lot more new LP's up so all you TFTD and MM9 fans much more coming, I was able to get a couple new parts encoded before I left today for school and well thats what you see here. You can of course find the first of the latest part embeded here on my blog after all the WoW vids.

(WoW: Nax - Military Quarter)

So we have the last quarter of Nax but not the very last part of nax, still have the last two bosses to cover and you can expect that, but what comes after that? Well quests! For thoese of you who watched and followed along in my leveling vids you know we never finshed all the quests we could of done, and I promissed to show you thoese so I'm going to start doing that, and of course more raid content, maybe some alts and even Herorics! So theres much more WoW heading your way.

(LP - TFTD Part 107)

So theres much more as always, again I want to remind everyone theres still about a week left on our poll, I'm loving your input so far and this is looking good so please keep it up and keep sending me your input via it, emails, comments, and so on. I do have a wonderfull beatuy shot to leave you all with from WoW of our raid getting ready to eat! LOL So enjoy and remeber much more coming and yes more MM9 and TFTD coming this thursday! See you then!