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Friday, September 25, 2009

LP Friday!!! TFTD, MM9 And More Lockdown!!!

(LP - TCRS: Lockdown Part 2)

Hey again all, a bit late again but well worth it as I have a slew (yes slew, a wife word ;P) of new LP parts for everyone. First besides the part 2 of lockdown that didnt upload right this past tuesday, I have recoreded even more (totaling 7 parts so thats 6 new vids for thoese keeping track ;P) for you all to look over and give me feedback on! As I mention i nthe video I have a couple other possible LP's that I will be trying out/starting at a latter date, but this is the first one. Love your response so far but want to hear more so, rate and comment on them!!!

(LP - MM9 Part 59)

For the normal LP's I have more for you all, got 3 new MM9 LP's for everyone and also 3 new TFTD LP's as well for you all to enjoy! I didnt get as much TFTD footage as I was expecting because well I was just to darn tired ;P But i'll see about getting more for next tuesday. Speaking of Tuesday (ooo segway!) There could be a lot of WoW content coming up at you! Besides my Brewfest/Harvest Festival Vblog I have a few other good vblogs coming out, including an AQ20 and AQ40 run most of the guild did with some other guilds in a nice Retro Night event. Not to mention our first Ulduar run is this saturday as well and I will be recording that, so theres the possiblity of having that up as well! So definlty stick around for it!

(LP - TFTD Part 128)

Thats all I have for you but I have to say you guys rock! Over 350 subscribers on youtube and keeps rising! Thanks so much for everyones continued support and encorugment and comments and being so great! Make sure to subscribe and comment here as well! Look for more videos as always on Tuesday, hopefully i'll make my thrusday guideline better or I may just have to switch it to Friday it seems lol. Ethier way if you dont see a post on Thursday, check Friday! So I have a nice beauty shot of me in Black Temple dancing it up with a PuG! Till Tuesday!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WoW Heroic VH, More MM9 LP and A New LP!!

(LP - MM9 Part 54)

And here we are again, another tuesday another post woot! Its always nice to be on time isnt it :) So what do I have for you all today, well some of the same good stuff you expect and something a new as well. First LP wise I have 5 new parts for MM9 up for everyone to enjoy. No TFTD LP today but you can expect that on thursday. I also have 2 parts of a brand new LP i'd like to get everyone opinon on. I'm trying out new LP's and this is the first on my list, of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown. So take a loot at it and let me all hear what you think of it and i'll look into doing more!

(LP - TCRS: Lockdown Part 1)

For all you vblog WoW fans I do have something new for you as well of course, this week its over Heroic Violet Hold! A wonderfull dungeon that everyone should be familer with, as its common to be ran on regular and heroic. I have a lot of new WoW stuff that will be lining up for next week, including more quest vblog and also a Brewfest and Bounty vblog as well that you all will not want to miss! I also have been playing some other older games that I havnt been able to play in quite a while that I may be doing LP's on! So like with the new LP above I really want your feedback and your opinon.

(VBlog - WoW Heroic Violet Hold)

So thats pretty much all I have for you today, of course i'll be aiming to do another update on Thursday. Guild wise were counting to expand and build, and were having our first offical raid schedule week happen! So again if your on Echo Isle you will want to check out our guild site witch is as always linked on the right side of the blog. To leave you all with today on my Beauty shot is a good one of me on my Deathknight after getting the Pirate Day achviement in Booty Bay! Enjoy and see you all Thrusday!

Friday, September 18, 2009

More TFTD and MM9 LP's a little late....

(LP - TFTD: Part 125)

Greets once more everyone sorry i'm a day late but yeah here none the less! So as promissed I have more wonderfull MM9 and TFTD LP footage for you all. Only 3 new parts for TFTD, and 4 new parts for MM9 before I ran out of raw footage but I hope you all enjoy them regardless! Some good stuff on the TFTD vids for you subscribers whos been watching and waiting you will definlty want to check out, and for you MM9 fans we have in these 4 parts our first fully promoted charchter! So goodness all around. As always thank you for your continued support and comments its apprciated!

(LP - MM9: Part 50)

So whats all up for this weekend, well my new WoW guild has our first offical raid tonight acutally and were looking forward to it. For a new guild it looks like we will acutally have a full guild run! Witch is very exciting, unfournlty I wont be recording it as I already have Obsidan Sanctum footage but of course stay tuned for futre vids as we go into Ulduar and more!!! In the LP side things are going good with TFTD and MM9 but i'm looking into another LP one that I think will be diffrent but intresting and I hope you all agree....what is it....wellll you'll have to wait till next week to find out ;) You will be suprised!

So thats really all I have for you this week, much more as always next week that you all wont want to miss! So untill then to leave you all with got a great beatuy shot that is just to funny, some dancing druid bears (i'm on the right) and a gnome in the middle! OH my! LOL Enjoy!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Right Back On Schedule! WoW & MM9 & TFTD!!!

(LP - TFTD: Part 121)

Hey everyone, back here with an update right back on scehdule as I hoped and promissed witch is always nice! And I have some great stuff here for you all as well. First I have updates for both LP's, TFTD (4 vids total) and MM9 (4 vids total) witch you can see the latest from them above and bellow this text. You will have to escuse my tiredness in the TFTD LP's it was very late and I was exhausted. And of course we got some great MM9 vids leaving right were we left off. Happy to say I acutally got more footage then I needed! So you can expect even more MM9 & TFTD vids on the normal thursday update as well!

(LP - MM9: Part 46)

But dont you WoW fans worry ethier I have a couple vblog updates for you as well as you can see bellow! First up is another continued posting of our Grizzly Hills quests in Northrend. Picking up right were we left off in the last video. Many more quests are covered here but by no means all of them so you can of course expect more posts as we continue on. And also once I have done all the quests I can in Grizzly I will be moving on to the other areas of Northrend and recording that quest footage as well! So make sure you keep an eye out for that.

(VBlog - WoW: Grizzly Hills Quest Cont.)

Up next is a short little vblog post giving info about the Onxyia instance and the achivement before the upcoming patch change. Its also some info/showing off the first real guild thing we have done with my new guild The Dailie Grind, so by all means check it out! I hope you all find it intresting and informative and just see how much were growing! Of course if you play on Echo Isles on the Alliance we would by all means love to have you join! So please click on the guild website link to the upper right or follow the url display in the vblog!

(VBlog - WoW: Onxyia/The Dailie Grind)

So wow! Its great to be on schedule again, my college schedule and new quarter officaly begin tommorow, and you can of course expect another update on thrsuday! Thou my schedule for college has shifted a bit i'm not changing the normal update days. I want to retain the ussal Tuesday and Thrusdays you all have come to know. I want to continue to thank everyones continued encrougement and pataince and cant wait to show you all more as always! I have a great up close and personal beatuy shot of the Storm Giant in Howling Fjord to leave you all with! Untill next time.

Friday, September 11, 2009

WoW Heroic & Addon Special and TFTD LPs!

(LP: TFTD - Part 116)

Hello everyone I know this is a late post but its been a hetic week just a bit! As most of you know sides RL things on this week off from college, i've been getting my wife and I's new guild off the ground. And glad to say its starting to come toegether nicely! Thank you all for your continued support. Also a big shout out to the over 300 subscribers on youtube! Thank you so much!! So what do I have, well as promissed more TFTD LP in fact thats the only LP I have for you this week. But I got 5 new parts for you all to enjoy! On top of all that we got 3 new WoW vblog postings as well for all you WoW fans!!

(WoW Addon Special - Part 11)

The first two are finnaly two new over-due parts of my Addon Special! My applogies for taking so long my addons have been chaning a bit after 3.2 and it took me a while to get things setteled enough where I can acutally post new ones. So first up is Recount and Omen3 so you definlty want to check that out, then on the 2nd new special we have addons close to me, GetOverHere3 witch I help with work on, and then my BagSpace and Inventory Hawk (Continued)! So you definlty dont want to miss out on thoese!!!

(WoW Addon Special - Part 12)

Then finnaly I have another Heroic video for you all to gander at! Its a good one too, of The Occulus. Witch was always dreaded before 3.2 but with some nice changes witch scale the dragon like vechiles you ride with the gear you wear (a lot like Ulduar's Vechicles) its better then ever! You can of course check out that video as well just bellow! I got a lot more WoW coming up including more if not the rest of the Grizzly Hills quests, and of course more Heroics and maybe some special suprises ;)

(VBlog - WoW The Occulus Heroic)

I also have some good news on the RL department. My wife and I have been able to get her a new laptop as I belive I mentioned last week. And as such we can both play at the same time now! Witch pretty much sums up todays beatuy shot for you all, hope you enjoy it! Also on a RL note I want to deticate this blog post today to all the family, freinds and love ones who lost people on 9/11 I remeber that day well and its sometimes hard to belive its been 8 years now. My heartfelt sympthies and prayers to you all from both my wife and I.

Lastly whats on the horizon, with college starting back up next week (on a wensday no less ;P) i'm going to attempt to resume my normal posting schedule of Tuesdays and Thrusdays. So of course more WoW and LP's both TFTD and MM9 heading your way, since I dont start till wensday officaly it will give me some time to get more LP footage for you all. And again thank you everyone for your continued support! Remeber if you like to interact with our guild or play on Echo Isles server and wish to join, click the link to my wife and I's guild website and register! Be sure to stop in the forums and say HEY! Till next time everyone!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Wensday, WoW! MM9 & TFTD LP's Too!

(LP-TFTD Part 114)

Hey everyone been a little while I know, my aplogies, RL been keeping me busy mainly college of course. But good news finals weeks, I got 2 left tommorrow and since you have all been so awsome as you are and pataince I have a special posting for everyone! A new WoW Vblog, and some new MM9 (4 total) LP's and TFTD (2 total) as well! Dont worry there will be even more now cause sleep and college and RL cant stop me anymore cause we finnaly got my lovely wife a laptop. So she has her own 'puter and we dont keep trying to share out. So that should help a lot as well I'm hoping! As I stated before we have new MM9 that you can check out, first new part bellow, and TFTD as well and thats just above here.

(LP-MM9 Part 42)

Also as I stated, I have a new WoW Vblog for everyone, this is the first of the continue of quests that I promissed for thoese who were following my leveling up vblogs. So we have the first of that series continuing in Grizzly hills thats just bellow here. Also for thoese who do not know, but may have notice yes the Royal Pain link is gone, i'm no longer a member of that guild. In fact my wife and I have started a new guild called The Dailie Grind, the site link is to your right as you can see. I encoruge everyone to check it out and feel free to register to talk to us on the forums! Also if you play on Echo Isle or are looking to then by all means register and look over how to apply for membership into the guild!

(WoW - Vblog Grizzly Hills Quests)

As for updates I have about a week and a half off from school coming up with now problems with when I can have the PC. Needless to say this is a good thing! You should see us getting back to a regualr schedule even after school starts, thou there may be gaps here and there. I want to thank everyone so much, old and brand new subscribers for your continued feedback, and encorugement and pataince. We are nearly at 300 subscribers on youtube witch is amazing and its thanks to everyone continue to sub, spread the word and comment. So thanks so much!

So whats up next, well defintly more LP's esppcialy TFTD, feel bad I only had 2 new for you this time, so expect more of that, and of course MM9 and definlty more WoW, got more addon special vids to come, more Heroics, and maybe even a few suprises! So defintly as always stay tunned! To leave you all with got a beatuy shot of...a mammoth caravan in Dalaran??? LOL Enjoy and untill next time!