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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Some MM9 LPs!

(LP - MM9 Part 95)

Hello everyone, got my update as promissed althought not what I was exactly hoping to have up for you all. RL has bumped in the way a tad so I havnt had a chance to get new Freelancer LPs done yet and unfournlty I also fought with the new Game Design/Programing vblog format so all I manged to get up for you all today is 4 new parts of Might & Magic IX. Witch really isnt so bad is it. :P

Through these parts we make are way through the last of Chasm of the Dead and have some close calls and some, deaths opps. But no fret we make it through somehow, watch the LP for all the details! I have manged to get the new vblog format of the Game Design/Programming working the way I want now in a timely manner and will be finshing thoese up and possibly uploading them tonight or tommrow night so stay tunned definly cause there could be another blog post sooner then latter!

Definlty have more MM9 to share with you all as well next week and of course more STO too. And the all important Freelancer LP and yes our new TFTD LP replacement, what could it be, you'll find out next week! So deifnlty much more to see and do so please check back, also if you like to contribute to my game design/programming project ethier with code, resources (such as music, graphics, sprites, etc.), ideas or suggestions by all means shoot me an email with your contribution to the project to quickshot14@gmail.com all for now!

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