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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Still Alive & Coughing!

I'm still alive guys! Barley Damn bad luck this past week got school start, puter upgrade and sick all in one shot oui! Anywayz I'm back up and running and i'll be showing off not only my new pc but some of my programming i'll also be getting back to my LP's of course and more so stay tunned and thanks so much for your support!!

So please stay tunned!

Friday, February 19, 2010

WoW! Heroics Times 3!


(VBlog - WoW Heroics - Utgarde Keep, Nexus, Gundrak)

Greets everyone i'm a bit late posting this but not to late! So thats good news :) Got a WoW vblog up finnaly, WOOT! This time I've got more heroics, but not 1, nor 2 but three total! I know its crazy, but by all means enjoy it and check it out esppcialy if your working on the light festival may come in handy for you all I do hope!

We still got a few days left to vote on the pool, right now its looking pretty close so make sure you let me know! As you should all know by now I do listen and witch ever comes out on top will be done :) I would love to share with you all what i'm doing with my programming via vblog but the choice and poll is yours to make so let me hear it!

Not much time in the week left but i'll try to get ethier a STO (Star Trek Online) vblog up this weekend or get some more LP goodness up by monday, ethier way you will want to stay tunned! So no word yet on when will my upgrade will happen, has to be soon not to much time left, heres hoping its sooner rather then latter. Pretty much all for now, got a beatuy shot, woot! Of WoW of a druid and her pup...awwww! Enjoy till next time everyone!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Freelancer LP Monday & Poll!

(LP - Freelancer Part 20)

Greetings everyone back once again as promissed with some Freelancer LP for everyone! Got 4 parts here for you all to enjoy, but dont hit your cruise drive just yet! I've also got a poll up for everyone and I'd really like your input on this! As most all of you know on the 500+ subscriber tribute I gave you all a look and information about my programing that i've been really working on lately. And if you didnt see that make sure you do check out that vid! So this poll is simple, I want your input on wether or not I should start vbloging the 'unanounced' project I all mentioned in that video for everyone?

I'd really like your honest input on this, I figure as much as I work on it recording my progress for you all and getting to see it at least put some vids up for you all. So please let me know what ya like to see, the poll is up for a week so theres plenty of time to vote and dont be surpise if I mentione it a few LP's and vblogs this week. How many will be out this week? I honeslty dont know i'm still waiting on my upgrade so it could be the normal amount of few i'll be sure to post here when I begin to back things up and prepare for my system upgrade.

Untill next time all I got for now! Enjoy the LP and be sure to vote and we'll have more for everyone soon!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

TFTD & MM9 LP Weekend!

(LP - TFTD Part 163)

Hello again everyone! Back once more as promissed with more LP goodness from TFTD and MM9! Got a total of 3 vids for TFTD and 2 vids for MM9 for you all to enjoy. Contuning right were we left off before so if you have been following you have been waiting for this and it was worth the wait! What will be the outcome of our first real base defense in TFTD! And what is going to happen in the Chasm of the Dead in MM9?

(LP - MM9 Part 89)

Well take a look at them! So what was missing this past week, sides an obvious WoW vblog, Freelancer also did not appear. Dont fret i'll be getting up a new Freelancer LP for you all hopefully by Monday! Still no exact idea on the date for my upgrade so next week may be a bit off for LP's and VBlogs. So please stick with me for this next week. On the programming end of things, i'm doing well, working on that 'unannounced' project I mentioned in the tribute vid and its coming along great! On the WoW front i'm enjoying a little time working on my Death Knight and also getting some achviments for the Love Is In The Air holiday.

So stay tunned more coming up! Possibly even, wow something we havnt had in a while, a Poll?! Yup stay tunned for it! And thank you as always for your continued dedication, views, rates, comments and of course subscribtions! Untill next week!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

First Real STO VBlog!


(VBlog - STO - Avatar Creation & Tutorial Part 1)

Hello again everyone back with as promissed the first STO vblog! This details avatar creation of my main on STO, Feline. This also includes the entire tutorial for you all to take a look at and enjoy! My STO vblog will run very much like my WoW vblog does and has. So were starting with the tutorial and going from rank Ensign 1 to Lt. 2! All in just 3 parts, this footage is also from the early live head start game! So I hope you all enjoy it!

(VBlog - STO - Avatar Creation & Tutorial Part 2)

For you WoW fans dont worry i'll still continue my WoW vblogs unfournlty I just dont have anything major for you this week. As for LP's I do have more TFTD and MM9 comin up by this weekend! You Freelancers dont fret more FL LP's will be up early next week just in time for me to build my new PC I do hope! Also remeber if you havnt already please check out the special 500+ youtube subs tribute that was posted earlier this week!

(VBlog - STO - Avatar Creation & Tutorial Part 3)

Thats all for now! Heres a funny beatuy screenshot for you all of me running as a transformed goblin with the LiL KT pet following me, I call it, AHHH hes after me LOL! Enjoy untill this weekend!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

500+ Youtube Subscriber Tribute!

(VBlog - 500+ Subscriber Tribute)

Hey all! Up with a quick update with that 500+ subscriber tribute for all my 500+ youtube subscribers! As a way of saying thank you this time my tribute is a behind the scenes look at what i've been up to and also a bit about what I use to make the vids you see! So please take a look, also please give your opinon and thank you so much for your continued dedication and subscribtions, feedback, comments and of course views! I really do appreciate it very much! More coming up this week so stayed tunned!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Back With TFTD & MM9 LP Action!

(LP - TFTD Part 160)

Hello again everyone its been a bit I know i'll get to why in just a bit but no further delays back up again with well worth waiting for LP's for you all! First up a 3 course meal of TFTD LP for you! Its getting good folks! You do not want to miss any parts coming up for TFTD belive me were getting to the home stretch so check it out! We also have a healthy 3 parts of MM9 LP for you all as well! Yes were getting down to bussniess to as we start heading towards the Chasm of the Dead! Definlty both worth the wait and up for your enjoyment!

(LP - MM9 Part 86)

So whats been the delay! Its been 6 to 7 days since my last upload, and that was after I got over another nasty cold! Well honeslty thanks to a lot of encorugment from school, my family and youtube i've been hammering out some programming! And i'm happy to say i've come a long way! So much so i'm hoping someday soon to show you all what i've been working on! Theres big things still coming of course i've got a STO vblog rearing to go with my brand new toon on live servers going through the entire creation and tutorial! If you have been wondering about STO in its final format, or wanting to check it out you will not want to miss that vblog! Also I have more MM9 and TFTD goodness for you all as well coming up!

And depending on some things I will hopefully have some more Freelancer LP's up as well! Whats some things, how about a brand new puter! Lets just say tax season was good to us this year and I can give my wife her desktop back and build my own! So yes plenty more to come stay tuned I havnt gone anywhere, and how yes have to mention 500 subscribers on youtube! Thank you all so much for your support and dedication you can expect a new special tribute video for you all up as soon as possible! So to leave you all with a nice beatuy shot of me in Dalaran! Untill next time everyone!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Opps A bit Back Logged!

Hey all sorry about the lack of updates on the blog life kind of got a hold of me! LOL Theres been a few updates on youtube of some LP's And VBlogs that did not get posted here from last month, go check them out! I havnt relased much so far this febuary i've acutally been burried in programming! Its good stuff, but i'll try to get an LP or vblog up here asap! Thanks all sorry again, check out my youtube channel if you havnt yet other wise stay tunned! Also I got a new feed up for you all thats WoW related to your right, so you can see what i've been upto in WOW! Untill next time!