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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TFTD & Old School WoW Raid!

(LP - TFTD Part 156)

Hey again everyone back once more a little latter then I expected been a bit of a busy weekend for me. Besides RL stuff I kind of got sucked into a game that your going to hopefully be hearing more about very soon, but non-the less i'm back once more with more goodness. First the long promissed LP of TFTD! 4 new parts for you all to enjoy you can see it now were soooo very close to the end my freinds definlty dont miss out! Also I have a new WoW vblog for you all this of course of our last old school raid of Tempest Keep: The Eye! Good times and good stuff here again you dont want to miss out on!

(VBlog - WoW Old School Raid - Tempest Keep: The Eye)

Also a bit of an update for everyone, it looks like due to some RL money issues my work on the top 25 must play series will have to be delayed for at least a month or two. Hopefully by March i'll be able to get start working on it but time will tell. However I still have more of the LP's and WoW you crave, as well of course some new things! You want to stayed tuned, cause there just may be a new vblog thats not WoW in your future. And of course we got more great MM9, FL possibly some Chrono Cross and even a new LP!

So as always thanks for your support and continued viewing, stay tuned more to come for now leaving you all with a beatuy shot of the guild in Tempest Keep after we downed prince kael, enjoy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Freelancer LP!

(LP - Freelancer Part 14)

Hello again everyone back again this week with some more for you, this time some Freelancer LP's for you to enjoy, 3 to be exact! Cruising around in our new fighter and picking up some mission and credits to continue advanceing so you dont want to miss it! I want to continue to thank everyone were at nearly 360 subscribers on youtube and continue to climb so please keep spreading the word!

Still plenty more to come this week, i've got an old school raid in wow tommorow that you can be sure i'll be captureing for next weeks vblog. We still have some LP's to look forward to before the week is out including of course some TFTD, so you will definlty want to stay tuned! If your not already subscribed on youtube please do so and of course you can subscribe to the blog as i'll update it with each new addtion on youtube! My top 25 list is looking good the contedners list is getting pretty long so it will definlty take some effort but well worth it! All for now untill next time everyone!

Monday, January 11, 2010

WoW Quests & ToC!!

(VBlog - WoW: Grizzly Hills Quests Part 3)

Hello again everyone and a good new week to you all, i'm back bright with more WoW goodness for all of you wow fans as promissed! We got 2 great vblogs here for you including a new Grizzly Hills quests look continuing right where we left off for our last look. As well as another vblog the guilds first run and progression into Trial of the Crusader or ToC 10!

(VBlog - WoW: ToC 10 - Beasts Of Northrend)

Of course theres more to look forward to this week of course more LP's still to come so you want to stay tuned as well as more WoW! As for some of the new things this year i've allready started working on a list for my future Top 25 must play games vblog that I will be developing and releasing in the futrue. Details I can share with you now is that each vblog part will have 2-3 games from the list starting for 25 up to 1. The first part of the video besides including games 25 and 24 will also detail the process of how I came to this list. Games included will be considered multi-genre and although they can be multi-platform with the use of emulators can be played on a machine. They also will be 100% legal to obtain, ethier from abandon/freeware, or from online purchasing. More details will be released as I approch doing this series!

Thats all for now, no beauty shot for today my aplogies, but stay tuned more to come untill next time!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

End Of Week, MM9 LP & Some WoW

(LP - Might & Magic 9 Part 76)

Hello again everyone what a week its been so far! A hell of a new year start I think and a proper one for all of you who continue to watch support and of course subscribe to my vblog and lps. Thank you! So for the end of the week as promised I have more LP of MM9, 8 new parts for you all to enjoy! And I also did manage to sneak in a WoW vblog for you all as well! But dont fret if you didnt get enough of a WoW fix this week, next week you can look forward to more wow goodness, including a new quest vblog and a first look at the beasts 3-stage boss fight from ToC 10 with the guild! You defintly dont want to miss all that!

(VBlog - WoW: Heroic Drak'throrm & Halls Of Lightning)

As for the vblog of wow this week I have a nice heroic of both Drak'throm keep and Halls of Lighting i've been siting on the DTK footage for a while as I was missing one boss but thanks to the new random lfg system and running heroics well i got that footage including HoL to share with you all. You can of course expect more heroics in the future as well. Also on the wow front my DK is nearing 70 now finnaly I know i'm hoping to have it as my first alt to 80 and also to be my first tank ever...if you all like to see more of that by all means let me know!

Thats all for this week enjoy your weekend we will back with a more regular updates next week, untill then have a great beatuy screenshot of myself in a ToC 10 PuG with a nice shot of a certian annoying large nerbuian that has meat its fate, enjoy till next week!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It came from the DEEP! More LP TFTD!

(LP - TFTD Part 147: Ready Or Not)

Hey everyone hope your week is coming to a good close its freezing here! But that hasnt stoped me for this packed week oh no still rolling on and this is what a lot of you have been waiting for, yes more TFTD and not just a few a ton! 9 new parts for you all to enjoy and there biggie as we take another good try at alien bases yikes! You definlty dont want to miss these!

But hey thats not all for this week, it may be rolling down but theres still more to come, MM9 LP isnt to far away and of course for you wow peeps dont worry got some great vblogs coming for WoW as well. So stayed tuned, this is your new year helping and theres still a good heapin helping coming at you! Got an ice beatuy shot of me on a warlock telporter, summon me up locky!!! Enjoy and stay tunned!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Week, More Freelancer!

(LP - Freelancer Part 7)

Greets everyone its a brand new week in the new year! And i'm not missing a beat, right off the new year and our new LP its some more of what you have been waiting for! Starting off with 7 new parts of the Freelancer LP you all showed how much you like! So hit it up enjoy it, cause theres more to come this week! Of course TFTD and MM9 are just around the corner, and now that the holdiays are over the guild is getting right back into it, and theres lots more WoW footage coming at you, including could it be...a new raid? Dont want to miss it so stay tuned and enjoy!! Leaving you all with a nice shot of our one shot conquering of Kolgarm that we downed before the holdiays! Enjoy see you latter this week!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Kicking Off 2010 W/ Things To Come!

(GMV - Warcraft 3: Are You Ready?)

Hey all, happy new year! I'm back and ready to go and what a new year it will be, were getting you off right this new year with just an idea of whats to come, thanks to my RL trip I got a lot of my old games and backups and well its just a hint of whats coming this year for the vblog and the LP's! So what better way to start it off then an old GMV (Game Music Video) I compiled and put together back when Warcraft 3 came out! Its something that did not get circulated as well as my Starcraft Voodoo GMV, but something i'm very proud of. Its been up for a few days now but I held off untill new years to post it here on the blog because I have a special new LP treat for everyone!

(LP - Chrono Cross: Part 1)

Yes one of thoese things was my PSOne and my games including Chrono Cross, ran right on my computer using ePSXE! Though it took some hicups and issues since apprently my computer has a bit of a fit while recording and emulating but I hope you all enjoy it! This is just a taste and idea of what you can expect this year! So hang on, cause were just getting started, more WoW, Freelancer, TFTD and MM9 is still on its way, so keep a look out! Heres a great beatuy screenshot to leave you all with of well me ready to take on Ignis...*gulp* Till next time happy new year and heres hoping you have a great 2010!