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Friday, January 1, 2010

Kicking Off 2010 W/ Things To Come!

(GMV - Warcraft 3: Are You Ready?)

Hey all, happy new year! I'm back and ready to go and what a new year it will be, were getting you off right this new year with just an idea of whats to come, thanks to my RL trip I got a lot of my old games and backups and well its just a hint of whats coming this year for the vblog and the LP's! So what better way to start it off then an old GMV (Game Music Video) I compiled and put together back when Warcraft 3 came out! Its something that did not get circulated as well as my Starcraft Voodoo GMV, but something i'm very proud of. Its been up for a few days now but I held off untill new years to post it here on the blog because I have a special new LP treat for everyone!

(LP - Chrono Cross: Part 1)

Yes one of thoese things was my PSOne and my games including Chrono Cross, ran right on my computer using ePSXE! Though it took some hicups and issues since apprently my computer has a bit of a fit while recording and emulating but I hope you all enjoy it! This is just a taste and idea of what you can expect this year! So hang on, cause were just getting started, more WoW, Freelancer, TFTD and MM9 is still on its way, so keep a look out! Heres a great beatuy screenshot to leave you all with of well me ready to take on Ignis...*gulp* Till next time happy new year and heres hoping you have a great 2010!

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