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Friday, February 19, 2010

WoW! Heroics Times 3!

(VBlog - WoW Heroics - Utgarde Keep, Nexus, Gundrak)

Greets everyone i'm a bit late posting this but not to late! So thats good news :) Got a WoW vblog up finnaly, WOOT! This time I've got more heroics, but not 1, nor 2 but three total! I know its crazy, but by all means enjoy it and check it out esppcialy if your working on the light festival may come in handy for you all I do hope!

We still got a few days left to vote on the pool, right now its looking pretty close so make sure you let me know! As you should all know by now I do listen and witch ever comes out on top will be done :) I would love to share with you all what i'm doing with my programming via vblog but the choice and poll is yours to make so let me hear it!

Not much time in the week left but i'll try to get ethier a STO (Star Trek Online) vblog up this weekend or get some more LP goodness up by monday, ethier way you will want to stay tunned! So no word yet on when will my upgrade will happen, has to be soon not to much time left, heres hoping its sooner rather then latter. Pretty much all for now, got a beatuy shot, woot! Of WoW of a druid and her pup...awwww! Enjoy till next time everyone!

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