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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More MM9 LPs!

(LP - Might & Magic 9: Part 106)

Hey again all this is a bit of a late posting here on my blog but if you did not know I have 3 new LP videos up of Might & Magic IX(9) for you all to enjoy! I'm hoping to get some more LP's uploaded late tonight into early tommorow but with me burying myself in school work and okay yes playing around with the SC2 Beta Map editor ;P I'm not quite sure what I will be uploaded LP wise. But stay tuned to find out!

In related news I have joined and become a staff memeber on a really great PC Gaming devoted site called Warrior Labs if your like me and many others fed up with the lack of regard for the pc by other major gaming sites, check this place out! Best of all its community orriented/based so you can even post yourself! I am primarly joining of course to post pc gaming news but also to help push the LP community! So check it out!

All for now everyone, untill next time!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekend Freelancer & Dune LP!

(LP: Freelancer - Part 30)

Hello everyone, been a bit I know my aplogies RL is really crunching down on me, not to go into to much details but finicaly things are tight, and bewteen that and school well its keeping me fairly busy and only a little time for anything else. If you would like to help out, then god bless you and thank you first of all, second I do have a donate button up here on the blog now, all I ask if you wish to help is provide what you can afford. If you can't donate at all, then prayers are always welcome and appricated.

So I do have some new LP's up for you all, first and foremost 4 new Freelancer LP's are up for your enjoyment! Then we have 3 more Dune LP's, as I still have a lot of back footage of Dune to get out to you all. What little freetime i've had latley i've been focusing on playing around with the Starcraft 2 Beta Edtior as thoese who check out my youtube page probley noticed. But I have found some time to get at least a bit of Freelancer footage done, hopefully I can get some more UFO Alien Invasion footage here soon as well.

(LP: Dune - Part 23)

Sometimes as you may have noticed with some posts on my youtube page, I have not had time to post anything here on my blog. My aplogies for that as well, again doing best I can and I appricate everyone subscribtion and viewier support and your understanding and pataince. Anything more then that well thats your call, and i'll do my best not to press it. Anyway thats really all I have for now, hopefully i'll have more then 1 LP update for you all this coming week. Untill then, take care!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chrono Cross LP Returns!

(LP: Chrono Cross Part 10)

Hey everyone hope you are having a great start to your weekend, were getting setup this weekend right with the return of an LP that was acutally started at the beging of this year. Its reponse intially was low and so it was placed on suspended status, but lately thoese old vids have been getting good views and so now its back in full force! 4 new parts of Chrono Cross LP is now up for your viewing enjoyment with also so graphic fixes on the emulator to fix the old slowdown issue the previous LP's were having as well!

I'm hoping to kick the start of the week off with of course my game development/programming vblog and possibly some more LP's as well, probley of dune. More Freelancer LP's and of course UFO: Alien Invasion can be expected this coming week as well. I'll do my best to get them up and out there for all of you to enjoy! I want to aplogize that we havn't gotten back to any normal like schedule this is mainly due to RL and school. As always I want to keep such things out of this blog, but needless to say its impeeding on my game time and unfournlty that includes my LP's as well. I am trying to get more into the habbit of playing games for LP's when ever I feel like it and recodring that footage so at least I have a backlog so hopefully we wont have to many deep gaps like MM9, and FL have had latley.

So anywayz please stick around for more of course! And have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MM9 LP! And Hello Spring/Summer!

(LP - Might & Magic IX(9) Part 101)

Hey again all my aplogies for the small gap in posts, in case you missed it before the end of last month I did post an update on youtube with 3 more Dune LP's and also 4 of the new LP to replace TFTD, so check them out! Its a new month and praticly near the end of spring begining of summer! And to get it right back on I've got (finnaly ;P) an update with 5 new MM9 LP videos for you all! I've done some tweaking, as that was took so long, volume should be better and less of a hassel on my end so take a look and enjoy!

More LP's of course on the horizon as i'm working on getting plenty of raw footage to use, RL is rearing to become a pain again, new term of college is starting so yeah could get pretty busy! Hoping to have a new vblog out this weekend of more game/programming for you all so be on the look out for that as well! So whats in store LP wise in the near future? Well more Dune of course, more MM9, more Freelancer and more UFO:AI, but whats probley next is a nice retrun of Chrono Cross! Yes shown enough intreste in views and i've got it to work great on my new system so I will be takining that LP off suspension and it will be continuing here shortly!

So as always stay tunned for much more and thank you so much for your countinued support and patiance! Untill next time!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Dune LP!

(LP: DoxBox - Dune Part 12)

Hey everyone! Time for another update, though not a huge one! My aplogies once again, RL is rearing up, sparing you the details lets just say Looking For Work & Finals...Nuff said ;) But never the less I do have something to hopefully tide you all over! Another Dune LP update for everyone, 4 new parts I hope you all enjoy. As for the computer power supply I did mangage to get an adapter for now to power my other two drives. Though a 550 watt is not ideal for my puter and it is almost 3 years old, well it will have to do for now.

I'm hoping to get another vblog out by the weekend if I can and then focus on that new LP to replace TFTD and other lps for you all! Sorry its been really hetic everyone but I really am gratefull to all of you for your patiance and of course your countinued subscription, as always as soon as anything new is up it of course will be posted and shown here asap! So yeah thats pretty much whats going on, so all for now hopefully have some more for you all this weekend, untill then, back to the studying for me, lates all!