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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

TFTD LP Reporting In!

(LP - TFTD Part 166)

Hey everyone! Its been a long while to say the lesat since we last had a real update! My aplogies for that it was a 'prefect storm' if you will last week. Computer Upgrade, starting new term at college and a big bad cold to boot! Needless to say last week was one that was spent in a blur and in bed! But no fear back I am with much waited for a deserived TFTD LPs!!! Yes you have been patient and you will be rewarded!

5 Brand new parts that are definlty the best ever! Weather you have been watching since Day 1 or just started a few days ago, this is it, do or die time, Telth or bust! So get cracking and stay tunned for more! Needless to say our wonderfull and my first LP is nearing its conclusion one way or another! I'm enjoying my new computer quite a bit and I hope you all get to see just how nice it looks sometime soon! But stick around more to come of course!! I've got STO footage just dying to become a vblog here very soon, of course there more TFTD LP's you dont want to miss, and oh yes, MM9, WoW and Freelancer still to come!

Time to get back into things so stayed tunned!! Heres a great beatuy shot from WoW of me in the spotlight! Till this weekend!

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