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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Game Programming VBlog & More TFTD LP!

(VBlog - Game Programming 1 - Part 1)

Hello everyone its mid week roughly and its time for another update, today I have the first vblog of my Game Development/Programming for you all. Its a whoping 12 parts due to the format witch is pretty much a straight commentary, so theres very little cuts and no speeding up. The next vblog for my Game Development/Programming will not follow the same exact format. We'll still have some straight comentary but things will be sped up here and there and more cuts possible. So for now enjoy it for what it is and by all means please leave your comments and raitings of course.

(LP - TFTD Part 177)

I also have 3 more parts of my TFTD LP for you all too, so very close to the end there really isnt that much left in fact this weekend will probley be the last parts for TFTD so you dont want to miss it! We move finnaly on to level 3 of Telth so this really is do or die time! As for other LP's dont fret MM9 playtime is schedule for latter today and I even got some STO playtime scheduled for tommorow so much more coming up! So I would say you can cerinlty expect some MM9 LP's up on saturday as well.

I did mention i'd have some links specifcly to the books I got that really helped me get into game development/programming for VB.NET, its a great book and it can be found here so by all means if your intrested grab it, you can get it for a fairly good price. Thats all I have for you all for now, please feel free to post your comments of course I have no beauty shot for you today :( I know so sad. So untill this weekend all! Take care.

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