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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Busy day and BRS conquered!!!!

And hello to everyone once more, so its about the end of the month and we have hit the all important raid day once more. Thanks to the dillagance of our guild leader we were able to do lower and upper blackrock spire. But more on that in a bit, first I started out with finshing off my mage, witch I did! Got her to level 20, as well as getting her herblisam upto expert, her inscription is close just 3 points short so hopefully very soon. After the wonderfull upgrading nad traning and telport learning that came with my level 20, I moved on to my hunter and worked on her cooking witch needed a lot of attention. Happy to say it went well and good and as you can see got it upto journyman. After the grinding of my mage I wasnt in a horrible grinding mood most of the day so I ended up doing something i've wanted to for quite a while.

Ever since BG's (battlegrounds) came out i've been dying to try out playing alterc valley. And I finnaly did of course but I did it on my deathknight and OMG! What a ball I had, not only did we have fun (thou we lost all 3 times...well the first we crashed it lol and I mean we as in the other players in the BG) but I was doing very well and getting achviments left and right I got most of thoese screen caps you can see here. I did have to turn down some settings for the BG, as that many players nad spells and everything was just hurting my fps(frames per second) way too much, witch is no huge deal. I ended up spending most of the rest of the afternoon early eveing just playing in BGs till I had enough and it was close to raid time anyway.

Raid time of course came, and I was raid leader once more of course. So we started off doing LBRS(lower blackrock spire) again first to allow some others with us to get there quests and achivments and of course for the loot. That went very well and easy, our gulild leader didnt even die from falling! LOL!!! But seriously it was a ton of fun just the first half, we did very well. After the first half we moved to the second, after figuring out how to finsh the key and open the door, we then took a good break, our DK member had to go, but we gained quite a few more memebrs who came on late. Also my lovley fiance decided to switch to her hunter shes been working on so much these past few days. Shes been doing awsome and i'm so very proud of her.

Once we were all ready we moved in, and damn what a ball we had! New to us all, but never the less a blast! We had a few deaths here and there but nothing major, and tranquility saved us at least twice! LOL!!! But wow what a blast to go through I was so very very impressed by how well everyone worked togetehr and pulling, we of course had a ton of hunters but it worked out so well DPS(damage per second) wise! Even our lower leves didnt have to many problems, all in all everyone had a blast of a time thou we were exhausted when it was all over, and most importantly a lot of people got a lot of good stuff out of it. Guild wide, and people wide, weather it was quests, items, leather etc. it was a very very succesfull raid and they made my job look easy as a healer and a raid leader and I want to give my WOOT WOOT out to every single one of them, great job!
So thats pretty much it for the day a very eventfull and long day but well worth it, i'm soooo ready to crash and start fresh tommrow. Plans are to go ahead and start levling my main again, as I need to keep up on it and because well I do want too lol. Of course my other alts are still up to be worked on as well, the first probley being my death knight, who needs her alchmey worked on and some level ups, shes got hella rested xp to use. But any case we will see you tomorrow, and again my aplogies for now beauty shot, but theres plenty of good pics for you all enjoy till tomorrow.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Coma and Mage Leveling!!

Hello everyone, not a huge post for you all today but one none the less. Spent most all of yesterday playing my lowly mage to get her leveled. Happy to say thou it went slower then I really thought she should be level 20 here today! She did make some great achivements in the process thou, and you can find that in the screenies included here. Also my Hunter got his new pet! The rare spawn know as Mist Howler. I was able to tame him early yesterday morninging. Unforunlty I was so focused in getting him I didnt mange to get a screenie of the process :( My aplogies to you all. I also ran few of our guild mates through SM(Scarlet Monastary) last night. I didnt grab any screenies of that ethier. I know I know i'm lacking lol.

But I do have some good news! Magelo, the ones who provide the awsome charchter signature and info about my charcters down at the bottom of the blog, have finnaly updated WOOT! So now my main signature up to date and down there for you all to see! If you would all like as well I could post the rest of my alts too. So scroll down after your done reading this and check em out! I know this is a short post and I aplogize I dont even have a great beatuy shot for you all :( but no fret there will be more tommorw after all its the BRS(Black Rock Spire) run here tonight! So make sure you come back for that, and dont forget to vote on my poll! Theres not a whole lot of time left to do so!

See everyone tommorow and I hope everyone has had a good and safe thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Working on some alts and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Greets again everyone, back once more as I menionted before this week is up in the air with posts mainly due to it being thanksgiving. I should not have a post tommorow at all for you but you can expect one for friday! In the mean time what WoW I have been playing i've kind of been focusing on some of my skills, on my main in paticular I was working on bringing her fishing skill up witch i'm happy to say I did upto Artisan! I must say the quest was a bit of a pain not becuase its hard or diffcult to do but because it has you running all over to find single fish! Otherwise its very quite simple. At any rate it got done. And I got of course an achivement for it and also one I forgot I didnt have on my main witch you can see in the screenie!

Besides that i've been playing my alt, as you all saw before some of my alliance mage but I took a break from that and worked on my hunter she got an exploration achivement as the screenie shows and happy to say shes at a level to tame a rare pet that i'm after. Unfournlty I havnt found him yet and rare spawns are just that rare so I dont know when i'll get the oppurunity or will to find and tame him. Hopefully I will early friday. Of course also friday is an SM(Scarlet Monstary) run with my DK and some others, i'm hoping to continue to refine my tanking skills here. Also of course saturday night is the big raid once more! So you definlty have a lot to look forward too.

My applogies for this being so short but as RL thanksgiving is here for us in the states it does happen. So thou no blog post tommorow you can find me the day after so I hope to see you then after your turkey coma! Have a happy and safe holiday and heres a beatuty shot of my main riding in Desolace (after fishing ;P) Till friday!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A small break....and back to work!!

Hello everyone, back once again after a bit of a time off from all that hard leveling work! I needed a breather from WoW and games in genreal for a day or so, so thats why there was no blog post the other day, but now i'm back and onto it again. Thou not getting all I hoped done acomplished due to some net issues I did mange to get some progress done on my main. First shes got some great new gear and i'm just enjoing outland a lot! I also got some nice unexpected achivements as well while questing and working in outland! You can see thoese screenies here on the blog of course.

I ended the day by travling with our guild leader to dalaran via portal, to look at one of the new vanity pets there. I couldnt afford it (well i could but i would of been nearly broke again) but i did make my new hearth there, I also ran into my brother who showed me a neat shop for vainty pets including a leash. I have a cute pick of me in tree form holding my little baby blizzard bear (the WoW 4th aniverserary award) with the leash! I must say dalaran is quite cool, theres a lot to see and the lag was pretty decent...thou being so late I cant be sure that will always be the case.

There is some RL stuff to do tommrow and of course thanksgiving is coming up! So my blog posts may be short but you can bet theres much more WoW to be had as I continue leveling up! With another BRS raid on saturday and a SM(Scarlet Monstary) run on firday you can bet i'll keep myself pretty busy as the new raid leader! And of course i'll bring it all to you right here! In the mean time as I menioned before I updated my addon links and i also added a new poll! So please let me hear your opinon! You dont even have to regiester with blogspot to vote, but if you are registered please leave your comments!!

All for now, heres a nice screenshot of me in the outlands with some serious trouble lurking in the background! See you tommorrow!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

DING Level 60!!! And raid day, epic mount and tree form, oh my!

And greets to everyone once more. Again my short applogies for no post yesterday there wasnt much to post, I didnt play very long and I was just to tired once more to post, but thats all right cause I have a ton for you all today! First I got up bright and early this morning (hey for me its early okay! LOL) and before you know it just after lunchtime, DING, 60!!!! As you can see in the screenie!!! I was very happy and oh so glad to finnaly hit that achivement and level!!! And of course with 60 came the benfit of learning and reaceving a couple of things, first my new tree from!!! I re-arranged my talents a bit to make room for it (you can find more details on that in my profile signature at the bottom of the blog, just click on it and check out my talents) in order to get the extra point I needed to get my tree form now, instead of level 61. I also got my wonderfull epic mount and training to ride it. As you can see in the screenie as I get my achivement, definlty not a cheap feat!! But well well worth it!!!

I also got some wonderfull news while I was fishing, yes I went back to fishing, i've kind of neglected the skill and doing so i've started to recive my fishing talents, you can see me achiveing my 100 fish collected achivement! My guild has been so impressed and thankfull to my lovley fiance and I that we have been made full fleged offciers! Witch is great were so happy to do so and help out and do the best we can, also I recived the disctintion of raid leader for the guild, witch is quite the responsiablity and achviement for me. I've been looking forward to raiding for quite a while, its the reason why I waited as long as I did for a guild, and have the oppurtunity to be a real push for it and work on it for the guild as a whole is quite an honor and I hope not to disapoint!

I got my first test as raid leader for our guild into BRS(Blackrock Spire) today, of course if you remeber last week the last time we entered BRS it was slow going quite disorignaed and a completle wipe, i'm happy to say a lot of or pataince and practice and getting used to a system that all of us have started to embrace and put in place is paying off in spades. Not only did we not wipe, we had only one major real death during battle, and a couple of acidental ones and we also totaly finshed Lower BRS!!!! As you can see in the screenies, I cant say how proud I am of everyone and Reg, I have to say has come very far from that first raid and it was great to have him easy to talk to on vent this time, I totaly look foward to raiding again and everyone had such a blast!

I can't say enough how greatfull and wonderfull it is to have found a guild such as Royal Pain. It really is a wonderfull guild. Were very considerate and helpfull of each other despite the way it should be, we all have fun and enjoy the time we play with each other no matter how long it is, all day, some of the day or even just a few hours. We all do the best we can and try to enjoy our selves, and I have to say our officers and leaders are definlty totaly awsome, accessible and very very helpfull, anything they can do they will and its wonderfull esppicaly on a first go to find the exact guild I was hoping and looking for, and more over even to be able to be apart of helping build it up into a raiding guild, witch is going to be such a wonderfull time and blast if anything now is an indication I'm starting to understand so much now as anyone who is in a guild such as this can attess too the real success of WoW at least at this level is definlty good guilds, riading or otherwise.

And on top of all that after such a wonderfull full WoW filled day, it ended with the start of the 4 year aniversery of World Of Warcraft!! Witch was wonderfull, I cerinlty look foward to more raiding fun and goodness and helping build the guild with the great responsiablity i've been givin. On a blog note, i've updated the wow addon list to the right (finnaly) that can be found, and of course i've updated my WoW signature as well so be sure to check that out. I leave you all with a nice shot of my main(Zandris) riding through the outland skyline! See you all tommorrow!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Short...but good day.

Hello everyone, had a short day today due to many things RL. I'll spare you the details, but still had a very good and fun day. Didnt make a level but did make about half a level on my main who has moved down to silithus for now to finsh out this level and half gap to get to 60. I'm still on target for my goal of before the guild raid on saturday and speaking of witch we had a wonderfull little 5 man pratice raid run through Zul'Farrak. We all did very well picking up some good disenchant loot and even some of our lower levels finshed out some quests and got good experince. It was also a very good experince for us over all to get familer with the diffrent aspects of raiding, such as communcation having multiple tanks and of course keeping agro and pulling.

We had a lot of fun and made great progress, we also of course got our achivement for fufilling it. As you can see, my lovley beatifull fiance and I went through on our death knights as the main tanks. And we had a blast! After some leveling i've decided to hang it up more ealier for me then ussal to try and get back up at a diffrent hour. There will be more tommrow of course with the march to 60 heads on! My beatifull faince made it to 61 today, she also did get her epic mount witch is awsome! So stayed tunned and definlty dont want to miss saturday for the main event once again!!!

To leave you all with I have a nice beauty shot of one of the main hives in Silthus. Till tommrow you know da drill!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A missed day....but no missed levels!!!

Hello once again everyone! My aplogies for the day gap, I just was too tired yesterday to post, so let me run down what has happend these past two days. First yesterday I started with my death knight running and picking up a bit more on her herbalism and on top of that got a wonderfull exploration achivement I didnt expect as you can see from the screenie. After that it was back to the leveling grind of my main who has fallen behind a bit since the release of WoLK. With another BRS run coming up this weekend by the guild. I want to make sure my main is up to snuff for it not to mention, shes still my main and I still love being a druid.

So as you can see I moved her off the winterspring and shes been questing dilgently there, on top of that its a wonderfull spot for skining leather she needs for leatherworking so that she work out wonderfull. Yesterday I got her up to level 57 and today upto 58 so i'm very pleased with her progression so far. I have to say i'm also very very happy with the progression of the guild and were i'm at with it. This guild is the real deal, we help each other out, we work well together really without having to ask we just offer. And obviously things arn't always perfect and not everything works the way you expect. But we do our best and we have a blast and a lot of fun doing it!

Tommrow night we have a pratice raid run through Zul'Farrak and i'm taking my DK with me, it should be a lot of fun and you can expect info and some screens right here. Speaking of my DK, I did run some guild mates through uldaman, and my tanking skills have gotten much much much better since our run through SM before my changes. I have to say its a lot of fun, and you can see I even made a nice little circle LOL, we got the achivement for finshing it but the primary pourpose was to find a drop for Jand, witch unforunlty did not drop (thou its a high level drop!) so it will have to wait to try and find another time. I have also added two of my alts to the guild, my warlock Martan, mainly for his jewelcrafting/mining abillites so you can expect more screenies of him as well as my lowly alt Shanir who is my herbalism/inscription as well to level them up and get there skills up much much higher for the guild as more nad more of us approch the level to goto to outland.

Speaking of, my lovely beatifull fiance made me very proud by reaching level 60 today and going to outland! I'm so very very proud of her, and shes having a wonderfull time. She has come such a very long way since she first asked to check out the game when she watched me palying after a time. I got her a trial and then upgraded her account and shes been hooked since. I litterly had my main stop leveling to help her and show her the way of the game, and she has just took out and fly with her alts and now esppicaly with her mains. I love her so very much and shes made me very proud!

Thats all there is for today for the past few days of course i'll have more tommrow hopefully reaching level 59 on my main as well as screenies from zul'farrak with my DK, so come back tommrow for it, i'll leave you all with a nice flying shot through Dun Mugore.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A little respec and DK hits 60!!!!

And greets to everyone once more! Another day done as monday is in the belt and matince tuesday hits like a ton of...ummm we have to go back to real life for how long with out WoW...LOL seriously thou what a wonderfull day of Death Knight fun! First I did a bit of a respec curve to make my Death Knight a better tanker and so far that has worked out wonderfully!!! Not only can I handle my self much better in a large big fight but I'm getting much more comfertable with my talents and spells/abblites! As I told you yesterday I worked on moving my deathknight upto level 60, i'm happy to say I did it, a bit quicker then I acutally thought witch was wonderfull. I even as you can see from the screenies headed to the Dark Portal and now officaly started in outland with my DK(Death Knight).

Also my DK hit another achivement as you can see, master first aid witch is very very sweeeet! With my death knight doing so well not only in the leveling department but also the aution house department I may work some of my alchemy tommroow after the maitance we will have to see, I want to work on my main and level her up as shes lagged a bit behind. I'm happy to say my lovley fiance has hit 57!!! And i'm so proud of how shes doing, she also got her death knight to level 60 and if you can tell or not she rode into the dark portal with me into outland! Tommorow has a lot of RL stuff on the plate, but also some non-WoW related stuff (I know heart attack!) i'm going to look into doing some wacraft 3 modding during the downtime. All this lore and content makes me hungrey to do some war 3 stuff just cause I know how to mod it well!

As for my WoW addons there on hold for the moment, i'm still looking forward to getting back to them just for now there put on a back burner till I can focus more on everything, hopefully this weekend or friday I can get back to work seriously on MatTrack! We will have to see. Sides that the biggest thing on the agend charchter wise is leveling my main, at least 1 level maybe more if I can. I doubt i'll run all the way to 60 but i'd like to get her as close if not there asap as possible just to keep up with incoming guild raids/instances that we will be doing more of. Besides that its more deathknight or an alt really to play and i'm definlty have a lot of fun with WoW. Got my beatifull fiance to play with as I have for quite a while, and now good wonderfull WoW freinds to play with as well, and I feel like i'm finnaly geting to the point I should of been years and years ago!

So untill tommrow i'll leave you all with this wonderfull gryphon ride shot of the outland skyline! Rember bookmark, make your favroties, link it, comment it, whatever! And let me know your out there!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Herb loving Deathknight????

And hello once more everyone, as we reach the end of an amazing launch weekend and the beging of a new week we end it probley in the dullest way possible, herb hunting???? Yes thats right as i'm playing WoW with my new death knight, my professions are at the top of my list of things to do. Why? Simple if I dont do it now i'll have to latter and ethier way it just needs to be done! So most all today we spent herb hunting to finsh geting my herbalism and alchemy to artisan. I'm happy to say that I got it as the first screenie shows *woot!* and i'm unhappy to say it was a pain to do!!!

And not for the most common reasons, most was RL related (lets just say net issues and body issues okkkkay we will leave it there ;P) But I still got it done, and finnaly FINNALY I got get back to questing my death knight. Witch is a good thing i've learned if your going to tank a death knight, dependent on your spec of course changes how best you shoud/would tank. Thou the talents I chosse were good and the way I was tanking alright. It wasnt up to snuff at all! So I have spent the 1 gold and totaly re-speced my tallents changing them up a bit. I have to say from just doing a few lower level quests in Western plaguelands, I belive this talent spec is going to work much much better for me period let alone tanking! Time will tell.

In the mean time a few things, 50 quests done for my deathknight! (woot) and lastley something I needed badly and still need more of, I got a huge sell today on the auction house of a drop my deathknight found last night while soling Uldaman. Thou it helped a TON with my death knight and getting an enchant for her as well, it still hasnt helped my weekly ratio for gold. In total i'm still 150 gold in the red(thats minus for thoese of you who dont do accounting jargon!) for the week! As you can imagne with a lot of spending with the hit to level 55, the enchants and even some gold sent and spent by my deathknight its hit my bank hard. And unfournlty my poor main just isnt selling well on the AH at all.

Currenlty my plan is to let her auctions expire and sort them out, try to sell other stuff for cheaper just to get something hopefully a profit, and the rest ethier vendor, guild or disenchant. If I absloutley have to I will start bottom scanning again on my main (witch is kind of nuts but I have a TON of gold to recover here!) because I need to make sure my main has the money she needs when she reaches level 60 to get her epic mount. As for my deathknight, its time to level her and level her well. Goal is to get her to level 60 and in outland, asap! Hopefully by tuesday or latest wensday (due to server down time and RL and so on) once thats done I can focus back on my main and work her up to 60 as well. I will probley be switching back and forth bewteen my main and my alt-main(the deathknight) pretty constantly. Esppicaly with guild matters, so keep it tuned to see how that goes.

And hopefully I can have a signature for you all of my deathknight as soon as Magelo gets updated. In the meantime i'm beat(thats tired smartbutt ;P) so its time for me to hit the pillows with my beatifull fiance. Heres a beatifull screenshot of a sunset on top of a hill in the Swamp of Sorrows. See you tommrow!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The instance that got pwned...and the raid that got owned!

Heyaz everyone back again once more of course to tell you what went down and I was upto today. Again more WoW and new guild (witch rocks btw!) action to talk about here. The first part of the day not very exciting, spent most of it running around on my death knight picking herbs to get my herbilsam up and help bring up my alchmey. Glad to say that went over very well! After that we hit our first instance run of the day a low level one, so I decide to try something new and tank with my dk.

Have to say it was a very cool blast! Despiste some stops a couple of deaths we finshed all 4 parts of scarlet monestary for the achivement(as you can see in screenie) in just a little over 2 hours. I have to say it was my first time, truely tanking and it was a lot of fun, I did make a few mistakses and died once (we had no healers with us) but it happens and its a great learning experince! And now I have the wonderfull achivement woot! The death knight is a ton of fun to tank with and his array of spells makes him quite formidable i've learened more and more, i'm looking forward to learning more with em!

After a quick switch back to my main we headed for the raid event, where, yes I, yours truely decided to volunteer/asked to be raid leader for the guild. We did very well and had a blast after a slow slugish start, it was the guilds first real raid (of many we hope!) and we had 9 members for this 10 man instance BRS(Black rock spire) of all levels, from minimum (45) to highest suggested (60)! We had a death knight tanking and a ton of mages and of course my sweet lovley fiance was pushing her boomkin(moonkin ;P) form for more fun, we had a couple of low level pallys and yours truely and one lone hunter. We did quite well but we had a very slow start witch ate up most of our play time. We also had some communication issues but overall we worked very very well togetehr. We had deaths here and there but got fairly deep and far.

I was told I was a good leader, and I did the best I could nad I hope at least everyone had fun I know it got rough at times but I belive we all had a blast and we can of course always do it again. Unfournlty in the end the instance beat us, we had a total wipe! With one man standing for a while, our lowest level paladin stayed alive as long as he could and we were cheering him on, but alas it was not to be. With a lot of laughs and cheers we called it and prcoeeded to enjoy the after party! LOL that is talk around and make each other laugh and remeber what we did! I've got great screenies of it all right here for you to take a look at so enjoy! We will definlty do more radiing but at an ealier hour to try and make up the diffrence, of course we had a lot of fun and this is cerintly what I joined the guild for. I belive i've found a good home here, and hell they put up with me, help out very well with everyone truely and even let me lead a raid. Tell me another guild that would do that for a new member! My sweet fiance and I hope to stay with the Royal Pains for a very very long time!

So thats all I have for you today, I leave you with a lovely screenie of my deathknight looking over the bay in Northrend, see you all tommrow, please subscribe, spread the word and most important comment feedback whatever!!! Till tomorrow!