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Monday, February 15, 2010

Freelancer LP Monday & Poll!

(LP - Freelancer Part 20)

Greetings everyone back once again as promissed with some Freelancer LP for everyone! Got 4 parts here for you all to enjoy, but dont hit your cruise drive just yet! I've also got a poll up for everyone and I'd really like your input on this! As most all of you know on the 500+ subscriber tribute I gave you all a look and information about my programing that i've been really working on lately. And if you didnt see that make sure you do check out that vid! So this poll is simple, I want your input on wether or not I should start vbloging the 'unanounced' project I all mentioned in that video for everyone?

I'd really like your honest input on this, I figure as much as I work on it recording my progress for you all and getting to see it at least put some vids up for you all. So please let me know what ya like to see, the poll is up for a week so theres plenty of time to vote and dont be surpise if I mentione it a few LP's and vblogs this week. How many will be out this week? I honeslty dont know i'm still waiting on my upgrade so it could be the normal amount of few i'll be sure to post here when I begin to back things up and prepare for my system upgrade.

Untill next time all I got for now! Enjoy the LP and be sure to vote and we'll have more for everyone soon!

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