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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WoW Level 77-80!! And a little layout work/poll...


Greets again all! Its finnaly here!! The epic one part, lol, from level 77 to 80!!! Yes its only one part, told you I wasnt kiding about the very little footage I acutally have of progression from level 77-80, as I said in my previous posts/vblogs this is pretty much a look at the daily works I did, and yes i pretty much leveled from dailies namely argent tournment dailies. And with 3.2 on the horizion i'm so glad I took the time because the tourny is going to be key! So if your progressing and you hit 77 and you have the gold, make sure to get cold weather flying so you can get right on the torunmeant goodness!

Also as you may have noticed i've been working and switching up on the blogs layout a bit, i would love to hear your feedback so I also have a poll up so please cast your vote! No new addon parts just yet but dont fret there coming, RL is about to heat up as I begin college, so time will be a factor, but theres plenty of goodness to go around! For my LP fans for your patince as I work on getting TFTD back up and going on the puter again I have taken what little footage I had left and manged to cram to parts and thats up for you all on the youtube channel. Theres a lot of WoW still to come of course!!

Besides the addon special, theres a bunch of raiding and some heroric raw footage just siting on my hard drive dying to be shown! So you can expect that as well, and as for people who follow my vblog for WoW for quests and the like, dont fret I havnt even thought about droping them and we will get back to questing in Grizzly Hills here soon, this also means you could be seeing more of my alts as well in vblogs! So defintly this is exciting so definlty want to stay tunned!!!

Things are looking good and exciting, thou I have to be honest my normal posting of things may be slowed down for RL reasons (college now remeber ;P) but I will do the best I can to get things up and for you all to see ASAP! For the beauty shot for you all today I have a nice shot of me flying through crystal song, I hope you enjoy it! And stay tuned for thoese addon special parts!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

WoW Level 76-77 & Old Kingdom Part 3 & 4, and Addon Special 5 & 6!

(Part 3)

Hello all back again acutally on time for a change, LOL. Have the rest of Level 76-77 for you as well as a northrend instance!!! OMG!! So you defintly will want to check that out. Also have two more parts of the Addon Special up as well, part 5 & 6 are here for you to enjoy! Theres still a ton of footage I have left to show you not to mention level 77-80!! You will definlty want to check out the new addon special parts, there very very new so new they just got recorded before processed new! So you can check out my new display settings and the new huge resolution that i'm using in windowed & maximzed mode on Windows 7 RC!!!!!

(Part 4)

Speaking of that as for my TFTD LP dont think i've forgoten you guys cause I havnt, things are progressing a bit slowly but I belive I have an option that will also me to get back to these LP's in no time flat, though it still may be late or next week before we see anything up on youtube! My aplogies and as always thank you for your pataince! Also I have a new game I installed this morning GTA:IV FINNALY! LOL. I will probley be playing around with that a bit tonight as i've been waiting a long time to be able to play it and now that I can I intend to take full advantage of it!!!

(Addon 5)

But do not fret plenty more WoW goodness coming your way hopefully this week! As I said level 77-80 still awaits, and of course more addon specials to come, so definlty want to stick around and stay tuned! Please remeebr to subscribe, post comments and of course let everyone you know, know about Quicks14Blog, your dog, your girlfreind, your cyber girl, your guild, your raid, the PuG you got last night witch sucked cause the damn tank was a newb! Tell them all!! And of course you can find me on WoW in Echo Isle pretty much nightly, who knows if you run into me you may show up in one of my vBlogs! Oh The humanity lol!!!

(Addon 6)

Well Thats pretty much it for today, but I DO have a beatuy shot for you all and I deifnlty want to put it up, its a sweet shot of me, FISHING!!! LOL Yes very nice, the turtle has many fish you see! Enjoy and untill next time!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Addon Special Part 4 & WoW Level 76-77 Part 1 & 2!!

(Addon Part4)

Well its a bit slow in coming and although I have no where near as much as I was hoping I still have something for you all! First its important to note that we have gotten a new hard drive and I have re-done or re-installed our OS, in fact were using the Windows 7 RC witch is avalible for free from microsoft to try out from there site, there giving it out for testing/evaluation reasons untill the end of this month (June 30th) so if you curious know your stuff or are using vista I seriously encoruge you to go check it out, you will be able to freely use it untill June 2010 altought starting March 2010 it will begin to reboot after every 2 hours of use, still thats a long time of free use and it will be out in retail late this year so definlty check it out!!!

(Part 1)

So what does this mean for the vblog and LPs? Really some good things and some bumps, the TFTD LP is on hold untill i can get things setteled on our new os/setup i'm hoping to have it up and running soon (since i'm using the windows 95/98 edition theres some compatablity working i need to do) so it may be a week before anything new comes out there, as for WoW footage no shortage there in fact starting with Part 5 of the addon special when it comes up you will acutall see in INCREASE in resoultion size as i'm able to run my desktop and wow at much higher res with no decrease in fps or response (Windows 7 RC is VERY NICE!!!) So, but on to what we got here!

(Part 2)

So we have part 4 of the addon special that I was unable to encoded properly early this week, and we have the first two parts of the level 76-77 up as well. I ran out of time due to some guild raid runs last night and didnt get all of 76-77 parts done something i hope to finsh tonight, if thats so you can expect another update pretty quickly this weekend! As for more addon parts I wouldnt expect thoese any ealier then monday but who knows! I still have a lot of system side stuff to reinstall and fix and of course setting up compatbality and things for my LP recodring of TFTD (so dont fret just a bit of a break!)

Once again in my rush I frogot to place a beautey shot *whimpers* and yes I am 80 and am starting raids and stuff and have wonderfull footage! So you can expect that all up as we get to it, so much much more still coming, stay with us, keep the comments up and spread the word! Thanks all!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here we Go! Addon Special Part 2 & 3!!

(addon part2)

Hey all, sorry about the delay in posting I'm a bit behind after recovering from a nasty sinus cold but getting back into the swing of things, I was hoping to have 3 parts of the addon special for you all but the 3rd didnt encode correctly so expect that latter this week, in the mean time Part 2 and 3 are up and avalible for your viewing pleasure as you can now see! Covering more addons and of course you can expect more very very soon!

(addon part3)

Also my blog post from level 76-77 should be up here by the end of the week, things have been busy guild wise and such and I want to catch up with you guys so you can see all the goodness thats going on, I so applogize for that! As for LPs hoping to have some more of that up as well, baring any problems, a new hard drive should be arrviing tommorow and i'm doing a system re-do but I should be able to get most done/recorded tonight and ready and hopefully have it all up for you thursday afternoon, so definlty stay tuned! No beatuy shot as I was in a hurry and I forgot DOH! But as I said stay tuned more is coming much more we have a lot to cover!!! Dont miss it! So Subscribe already :P

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quite Week....Just calm before the storm....

Hello everyone, quickshot here just wanted to give you all a heads up as its been a pretty quite week and a half. RL has been keeping me busy, as always spare you the details but its nearly at the point where its going to quite down and I can get back to doing updates. This of course means more VBlog, more of the special, and more LPs! Belive me theres a lot just ready to come out and show you. So what can you expect here soon, a flood of updates hopefully! It may not be till the end or begining of next week but whats on the horizion is of course level 76-77 VBlog post, at least Parts 2 and 3 of the addon special, and of course more TFTD LP's!!!

So do not fret, its been quite but its just the calm before the update storm, definlty want to hang in there!!! All for now, untill next time everyone!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Addon Special Part 1 & a Goldtip!!

(Addon Part 1)

Hello everyone and helloooo June! Kicking things off here this month on my blog/vblog is the first part of the new special you all voted for! YAAAA!! Addon Special Part 1 kicks things off going over Mirage UI and X-Perl Unit Frames, theres of course much more coming so make sure you stayed tuned for it as they become avaliable! Also as a bonus and as I mentioned last time, I found a decent gold making staratgey in Northrend that I wanted to share with you all, so I have a goldtip video posting up for you all. Thou its encoruged you be a skinner for this to work, its not required so please by all means take a look, and I hope you all find it usefull!


I am about to hit level 79 as I continue to mainly run dungeons and dialies but dont fret questing and such as we have been doing in grizzly will still continue, as for my next blog post of level 76-77 it should be up here by the end of the week, thats my plan anyway but depending on how RL goes well time will see, make sure you check back for more, no beatuy screen this time my aplogies, untill next time!!!