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Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Dune LP!

(LP: DoxBox - Dune Part 12)

Hey everyone! Time for another update, though not a huge one! My aplogies once again, RL is rearing up, sparing you the details lets just say Looking For Work & Finals...Nuff said ;) But never the less I do have something to hopefully tide you all over! Another Dune LP update for everyone, 4 new parts I hope you all enjoy. As for the computer power supply I did mangage to get an adapter for now to power my other two drives. Though a 550 watt is not ideal for my puter and it is almost 3 years old, well it will have to do for now.

I'm hoping to get another vblog out by the weekend if I can and then focus on that new LP to replace TFTD and other lps for you all! Sorry its been really hetic everyone but I really am gratefull to all of you for your patiance and of course your countinued subscription, as always as soon as anything new is up it of course will be posted and shown here asap! So yeah thats pretty much whats going on, so all for now hopefully have some more for you all this weekend, untill then, back to the studying for me, lates all!

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