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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lack Of Updates & WoW EoE!

(VBlog - WoW - EoE 10-Man)

Heyaz everyone its been a while since theres been an update here my aplogies, also my aplogies for the lack of uploads latley RL has been pushing at me. So first I want to give you all an update of whats going on and to expect. Without going into detail RL is of course getting in the way without going into to much detail its cutting into my time a bit more the ussal and probley will for a while. This means I will be slowing down on updates and uploades hopefully not to the lack of uploads for a week but as most of you who have stuck with me thus far know it does occur.

So whats up on the ballot? Well I do have a WoW update and vblog for you all as you can see. Our guild went in and took down, again, Malygos. This time with me present so I could get the achivment and of course get you all the footage! So by all means take a look and enjoy it! There is another STO update on the horzion as well I do have footage of at least another rank so that vblog coming up soon is a good possiblity. And of course theres plenty more gamming/programming vblog footage to cover and go over for you all as well. Vblog's aside the LP department things have switched a bit, i've put off starting the new replacement for TFTD for a bit as I get a little more used to playing it, my aplogies to everyone whos waiting for that just hang in there another week or so longer and it will be up before you know it, hopefully you will all feel it was worth the wait!

As for the other LP's of course more MM9 is always on schedule, as most of you who saw the last LP's know I was having a bit of graphic glitches/issues with it running in Windows 7 (before I was running it in XP along with TFTD) if I can't get thoese issues more ironed out I may switch back to running it on XP, you wont notice much of a change except less of me complaing about it heh. And of course Freelancer LP is well overdue now and I totaly aplogize because well i've been picky latley. I'll be sure to rectify that asap and getting it up. There also is another new LP on the horizon another test out for you all, this will be a good one, its the first DOS LP for you all. All i'll tell you for now is it's a stragety/RPG game and hopefully you will all enjoy it!

For all other LP's just a quick update, Chrono Cross and Rainbow Six remain on suspended, and of course Company Of Heros is Discountinued. For thoes of you wondering what that all means, it means based on your views and response Chrono Cross and Rainbow Six LP's are not continuing on a regular basis, however I still have the saves and such of where we left off so I can also continue it if desire is there latter. Company Of Heros was suspended but with the loss of my save data in a bad backup it is now discontinued so theres no hope of resuming it. Again I base the response from your overall viewing trends just to give you an example if I release a new LP and I put up 4 parts. If the 1st part gets 200 views, the 2nd gets about 78, the 3rd about 89 and the 4th gets 175. Then from that I can tell the LP is popular enough and theres intrest enough in it to continue. Even thou the views level off bewteen the two from the 1st and 4th I can see theres a following and intrest in the LP.

Just a little insight on how I make my decisions, anyway thats all I have for you right now hopefully i'll have another update for you all, i'm hoping Tuesday. Untill next time!

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