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Saturday, March 20, 2010

More VB.NET VBlog!

(VBlog - Game Development/Programming 2 - Part 1)

Hello everyone and happy weekend to you all, a little late getting this up but not by too much, if you hadn't noticed roughly friday I uploaded my newest Game Development/Programming Vblog this is using the new format I told you about, and like I mention the quality didnt come out exactly as I hoped and due to some issues I wasnt' able to really speed up footage as I wanted. So this can and proibly will change after a few posts so I can get it more to the exact format I want and you all will all be able to see much more. Still the new vblog and what I have in place for this I think is much much better then it was while still keeping some elements of what you had before from the 1st vblog.

(VBlog - Game Development/Programming 2 - Part 2)

So what do I have for you this time, well quite a bit primarly the adding of our first GUI overlay, or rather doing GUI's on top of GUI's it exciting and a bit of work for our first time, but I think you'll see particulary in the next couple vblogs how things pick up once we get into the swing of it and just how robust and easy it is for me to code and implment new basic GUI over GUI elements. Definlty a lot here in this 4 parts besides showing all that, in the 'speed up' parts I talk about aspects of game development/programming and programming in genreal that I have noticed and i've myself have applied.

(VBlog - Game Development/Programming 2 - Part 3)

I also touch a little on why and what i'm focused on doing this instead of worrying about latter elmens for the game. Its important everyone remebers that were primarly focused on expanding and adding and working on the game engine as it was set, and while some aspects of acutall gameplay are in the back of my mind and even to be worked on, without completing or having a full foundation, if you will, you can't really focus on design, because you do not know the limts of your engine. And thats what i'm working on here and why I have a focus on making things as flexiable and changable as possible so when I do work on acutally designing the gameplay I can worry about that, and not going 'well I guess I have to go back to the engine code and change this or this' and i'll try to talk a bit more about that in my 'speed up' commentary in the next vblog.

(VBlog - Game Design/Programming 2 - Part 4)

As I mention and show in the video I also am posting information and taking your questions or insight as well on the Chaos Rift witch is basicly not only the offical forums for Elysian Shadows but also a place for us indepented, learning, student, having fun, whatever you want to call us game designer/programmers to have a place to hang out, talk about programming, design, our projects, our favrotie movie whatever, there a great place and you should check them out! You will find a lot of great stuff there and even more projects and videos and such from those projects on the forums, and like I said you will find me there as well.

Also I stated that if anyone wishes to contribuite to this project in anyway, code, ideas, resources (sounds, music, graphics, sprites etc.) they are more then welcome to do so and send it to me via email to quickshot14@gmail.com I will give them full credit for there contribution in the project credits. So thats all I have for you right now of course more coming up next week, got a STO vblog slated for monday, of course more MM9 LP and a lot more coming you way, yes even more game design/programming, hopefully more Freelancer LP and of course our new LP to take TFTD place, what could it be, coming up next week. Thank you for your continued support, encourgment, comments, and subscriptions, have a great weekend everyone see you Monday!

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