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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekend! New Dune LP!

(LP DOSBox: Dune - Part 1)

Hey everyone and a great weekend I hope for you all. My aplogies for the late posting didn't get everything up as I hoped but I did manage to get a new LP up, now for thoese wondering, no this is not the LP to replace TFTD so dont your fret XCOM fans thats still to come! No this a new LP and our first classic DOS game! Yeah thats right, DOS being run through DOSBOX of course. Granted we could call TFTD the first DOS game too but eh okay this is the first DOSBOX game ;P

So what is it? Simple its DUNE, more specifcly the DUNE CD version, I love this game it really never gets old no matter its age I always seem to come back to it to play it once again, i've acutally beaten it a couple of times but its been a very long while since i've played! This acutally went up around fridayish and its had a great response gald to see so many of you also used to play this classic! So whats comin up, Freelancer LP is still on top that will be the next LP period so you can definly expect it soon, more DUNE as well of course is a good possiblity and of course more MM9 hopefully by next weekend.

As for the VBlog department, well STO is always a possiblity but i'd expect more on the game development/programming side of things for anything VBlog this week. So slowly but steadly I will get things out to you all so please continue to stay tuned and be pataient we may be a bit slower then ussal now but dosn't mean I wont continue to update as much as possible. As always thank you for continuing to do so I appricate it very much. So untill latter everyone!

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