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Saturday, February 13, 2010

TFTD & MM9 LP Weekend!

(LP - TFTD Part 163)

Hello again everyone! Back once more as promissed with more LP goodness from TFTD and MM9! Got a total of 3 vids for TFTD and 2 vids for MM9 for you all to enjoy. Contuning right were we left off before so if you have been following you have been waiting for this and it was worth the wait! What will be the outcome of our first real base defense in TFTD! And what is going to happen in the Chasm of the Dead in MM9?

(LP - MM9 Part 89)

Well take a look at them! So what was missing this past week, sides an obvious WoW vblog, Freelancer also did not appear. Dont fret i'll be getting up a new Freelancer LP for you all hopefully by Monday! Still no exact idea on the date for my upgrade so next week may be a bit off for LP's and VBlogs. So please stick with me for this next week. On the programming end of things, i'm doing well, working on that 'unannounced' project I mentioned in the tribute vid and its coming along great! On the WoW front i'm enjoying a little time working on my Death Knight and also getting some achviments for the Love Is In The Air holiday.

So stay tunned more coming up! Possibly even, wow something we havnt had in a while, a Poll?! Yup stay tunned for it! And thank you as always for your continued dedication, views, rates, comments and of course subscribtions! Untill next week!

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