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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holdiays & Merry Christmas!

(VBlog - Christmas 2009 Update)

Hey everyone one last update before the hiatus (witch is only a week at least so no worries) got a nice little vblog up of my ussal Christmas update. Some good stuff in here I talk about including about whats coming this next year and also some thanks to all of you for making this all worth while to do! So a very happy and merry Christmas and holdiay to all of you! Heres to a rocky crazy and intresting 2009 and looking forward to seeing you all again and more in 2010 with of course much more as always so stayed tuned and god bless!

Monday, December 21, 2009

WoW More Ulduar & MM9 As Promised!

(LP - M&M9 Part 41)

Hey everyone back again as promissed on this christmas week with some WoW and LP goodness! So up first is Might & Magic IX, got 5 new parts here for you all to enjoy as we get another promotion quest done and get some more leveling done as well you dont want to miss it! Also I do have another WoW video for you all some more WoW progression out of the guild just this past weekend! This time we not only did Flame Levethain with two towers up, but we also took down the crazy cat lady!!

(VBlog - WoW: Ulduar FL 2 Towers & Crazy Cat Lady)

And on top of that even after the offical time was over and I had to head off a lot of members and PuGs stayed and countined on to take down Razorscale and take a good whack at Hodir! What a way to end the year on offical raids! So yes as some of you may or may not know RL wise my wife and our kids are headed to my parents for christmas. We are acutally leave mid this week and wont be back till monday or tuesday next week. As such of course dont expect any VBlog or LP updates untill mid to late next week everyone!

It's not a very long wait I know we have gone longer! There will hopefully be one more update before I head off Tuesday or Wensday at the latests. My Chrsitmas VBlog, going to have some information, updates, thanks and the like to do with the VBlog and the LPs including some hints and info on whats coming soon to you all next year! So stick around for that, after that kick back relax enjoy your holdiay and new years and we will see you again soon! Heres a nice beauty shot of me, we'll Mr.T mowhawked, I pitty the fool!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Well it's A TFTD Friday After All!

(LP - TFTD Part 140)

Hey everyone back again one last time this week as promissed with a ton and I mean a ton of well deserived and waited on TFTD LP goodness! 7 new parts thats right 7 new parts all just for you all to enjoy! So please by all means eat it up! Also I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has responsed to the new Freelancer LP, its looking great by your views, raiting and of course comments expect to see more Freelancer LP's along with our ussal MM9 and TFTD LPs as well!

Speaking of MM9 I have footage i'm acutally going to setup and get out to you all by the beging of next week! Along with hopefully a little WoW content and a special little Christmas VBlog to end the year on, why do I say that? Well my family and I are going to my parents for chrsitmas so after the early next week posting there will be nothing for at least a week. But dont you fret i'll be back with more of what you all crave, in the mean time dont go no where enjoy your weekend and we shall see you bright and early next week! Untill next time heres a great beauty screenshot of my toon in WoW on the Day of The Dead with her Hallowed title! Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New LP, Freelancer!

(LP - Freelancer Part 1)

Greets again all back with another update of that new LP I was telling you about ealier. This is another game near to my heart and I enjoy very much and have finshed and also modded extensivley before. Called Freelancer, an old game that was more of cult following then anything and also one of the first games of its type not to require a joystick for play! I enjoy this game to this day and am still doing modding work on it.

I've got a total of 6 parts here for you all to check out and view and give me your feedback on, if you like it then we shall see more of it! Of course your die hard LP fans of mine dont fret, I got some TFTD lined up for you by the end of the week, so stayed tuned for lots more coming up! Untill next time heres a great beatuy shot of me in WoW head banging as a skeleton, rock on!

Monday, December 14, 2009

WoW Old School Hyjal + Addons!!!

(VBlog - WoW - Old School Raid Hyjal)

Hey everyone back a bit early and once again to give you all as much as I can this week! First up some WoW goodness including first and formost that forementioned mount hyjal old school raid witch we ran last week! It went great and was a lot of fun even if there was only 14-13 of us! So defintly will want to check that out! And of course as I promissed and I know its been a while, finnaly new videos of the ongoing addon special is up for your enjoyment!

(VBlog - WoW Addon Special Part 13)

First up is Grid and Clique something thats as a healer and former healbot user I suggest every healer take a good long hard look at as a replacement for healbot. It also has many other uses outside of healing as well so by all means please take a look at it. I know a lot of you have had some questions baout my new UI layout so i've acutally covered some of that information in the second addon special part i've added here while disscusing SunnArt witch I used to help make my UI layout possible.

(VBlog - WoW Addon Special Part 14)

I also cover a bit about CastYeller2 in this part as well. So by all means check it out, I know LP fans are wondering wheres the love, dont fret nor worry I've got LP goodness coming your way, including another new LP I would like you all to check out and get some feedback on. I'll be doing this from time to time on top of the ussal LP's and VBlogs i've been doing like I did with rainbow six and basicly your response/views is what deteirments how often were going to see these new LP's again. And of course we have some more TFTD and MM9 LP's comin up as well so as always stay tuned for more!

Got a nice beatuy shot of our guild after we took down Rangnros in another old school raid so I hope you enjoy it. As always please comment and subscribe ethier here or on youtube! Untill next time!

Friday, December 11, 2009

WoW New 3.3 Instances!

(VBlog - WoW 3.3 New 5-Mans)

Hey everyone a little late this week but i'll blame that on the weather cause well it applies ;P But seriously back in this week with a latey but a goody! Of course thoese who play WoW know the new 3.3 content patch, named 'Fall of the Lich King' has been released this week. And of course I was all over it best I could be! There is a ton of new addtions, features and more, including three, count them, 3, new 5-man dungeons.

Whats so intresting about these instances is they are attuned, meaning you have to finsh a quest to get into the others. Now this sounds familer to old school WoW fans, but dont fear its not so bad! In fact these are the first 5-mans that are story/quest linked! Its acuatlly quite intresting and acutally promotes moving from each dungon! I had a PuG (Pick up Group) group get together and run this one morning also using the new LFG (Looking For Group) interface, very simple, clean and easy and oh took less then 5 minutes even at about 5am! We went in on regular and finshed the place in about an hour and a half, as our first time! A great group and you can see it all in the vid above! Oh you may want to check it out anyway as you will see my new layout for my UI! Yes i'm acutally orgnanized, SCARY!

Lots more of course out there and to see of course theres the new Icecrown Cidtial raid as well lots of big stuff so check it all out! Thats all for now, course much more WoW goodness including another old school raid of Mount Hyjal this time coming up soon! And of course everyones favroite LPs! And leaving you all with today a beatuy shot of well us facing down Rangros! Untill next time enjoy!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December & MM9 LP

(LP - MM9 Part 65)

Hey everyone, welcome to another month as we head toward the end of the year, were coming up with an LP start this month and this week. This time I have 5 new LP parts of Might & Magic 9 for you all to enjoy! Hopefully in the next day or two i'll have another update for you all with addon specials from WoW and the new 'layout' of my UI in the game! I want to continue to thank everyone for there support and patience. Due to the holidays this month and of course start of a new term here at college I will continue to post LPs and Vblogs as often as possible!

So stick around for the ride, enjoy the LP's and hopefully i'll have a new one here for you all very soon! To leave you all with today I have a nice beatuy shot of our guild getting a HEAD ;P Sorry couldnt help it, LOL, enjoy!