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Monday, March 15, 2010

VBlog Monday! STO & WoW!

(VBlog - STO Lt.3 to Lt. 5 Part 1)

Hey everyone back with a new week and this time were kicking it off with some vblogs! First up some more Star Trek Online(STO) for your all, no more old footage here this is the good stuff straight with the new resolution and my kick butt new machine! I hope you all enjoy it. Got 4 whole parts for you to enjoy as I follow progress from Lt.3 to Lt. 5 and show you guys a lot of good stuff particulary if your just starting out!

(VBlog - STO Lt.3 to Lt.5 Part 2)

We start out with what you can expect to be doing with exploration missions, we then go ahead and do a normal mission/episode that you obtain that helps flesh out some more of the games story a bit. Then finnaly we take a look at Memory Alpha and the Defense patrol missions as well. Also there of course is some new space and ground gear and the all important skillpoints spent. Defintly a lot of good stuff you will not want to miss out on!

(VBlog - STO Lt.3 to Lt.5 Part 3)

I do also have a WoW vblog for you all, its only one part and it even has a bit of old footage along with the new but its goodness none the less! Its our final part in the Grizzly Hills quest serious. The last few quests we need to get the achivement, so if you have been waiting for this, wait no longer its up and read for you all to enjoy! And thats all for this monday but the new week has just begun and its going to be a full one!

(VBlog - STO Lt.3 to Lt.5 Part 4)

There's a lot on our plate this week, we definlty have more LP goodness for you all, sides more MM9 its also about time we got back to the tradelanes of Freelancer! So you will all definlty not want to miss out on all that! And of course lets not forget more game development/programming vblogs as well! I already have a ton of footage siting waiting to be processed and enjoyed, i've made real progress that I can not wait to share will all of you!

(VBlog - WoW Grizzly Hills Quests Part 5)

So when will this be out, when can you expect the new post and uploads? I'm thinking Thrusday, so make sure you check back then! Oh yes we still have a little thing of the new LP to take up TFTD torch...such a large task...still not saying what it is, and i'm honeslty not sure if were going to see it this week, but if we dont you can definlty expect it next week! Ethier way make sure you stayed tuned theres plenty more heading your guys way! Thanks as always and we'll see you Thursday!

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