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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WoW Onxyia & Finnaly Freelancer LP!

(VBlog - WoW Onxyia 10 Man)

Hey everyone a little late in posting this but never the less coming at you with a new VBlog a little unexpected but welcome this time of downing Onxyia! Good stuff all around and have come full circle for our guild as many of you who follow the blog may remeber. So definlty give that a good look at hopefully you will enjoy it! On the other end as longed promissed Freelancer LPs are back! Whew that took way to long I know and I aplogize but its back with 6 new LPs of it for you to enjoy!

(LP: Freelancer Part 24)

Its been a very long wait for more Freelancer and my aplogies for that, alot been going on and still is so my timing on uploading stuff and also updating the blog here may be a bit off as well. But i'm trying to to be to idle for you all I defeintly have more Dune LP in the pipeline for you all. Thanks to your wonderfull response on that expect to see more of it by this weekend. And also of course more game design/programming vblogs up for you all to enjoy as well! A lot of progress has been waiting to be encoded so its about time I got back to it.

And of course theres still STO, MM9 more Freelancer, maybe some WoW but more importantly the new LP to replace TFTD. I know i've asked you all to be patince with me xcom fans and please continue to do so, should hopefully only be a while longer. So stick in there and expect more! For now enjoy whats up and remeber to check back latter this week for more! If you havn't already please subscribe to the blog or my youtube page or both! And thank you to everyone who has and continues to support my efforts. All this would be pointless without you dedicated viewers, so thank you as always! All for now! Stay tuned!

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