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Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Freelancer LP!

(LP - Freelancer Part 14)

Hello again everyone back again this week with some more for you, this time some Freelancer LP's for you to enjoy, 3 to be exact! Cruising around in our new fighter and picking up some mission and credits to continue advanceing so you dont want to miss it! I want to continue to thank everyone were at nearly 360 subscribers on youtube and continue to climb so please keep spreading the word!

Still plenty more to come this week, i've got an old school raid in wow tommorow that you can be sure i'll be captureing for next weeks vblog. We still have some LP's to look forward to before the week is out including of course some TFTD, so you will definlty want to stay tuned! If your not already subscribed on youtube please do so and of course you can subscribe to the blog as i'll update it with each new addtion on youtube! My top 25 list is looking good the contedners list is getting pretty long so it will definlty take some effort but well worth it! All for now untill next time everyone!

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