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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekend Freelancer & Dune LP!

(LP: Freelancer - Part 30)

Hello everyone, been a bit I know my aplogies RL is really crunching down on me, not to go into to much details but finicaly things are tight, and bewteen that and school well its keeping me fairly busy and only a little time for anything else. If you would like to help out, then god bless you and thank you first of all, second I do have a donate button up here on the blog now, all I ask if you wish to help is provide what you can afford. If you can't donate at all, then prayers are always welcome and appricated.

So I do have some new LP's up for you all, first and foremost 4 new Freelancer LP's are up for your enjoyment! Then we have 3 more Dune LP's, as I still have a lot of back footage of Dune to get out to you all. What little freetime i've had latley i've been focusing on playing around with the Starcraft 2 Beta Edtior as thoese who check out my youtube page probley noticed. But I have found some time to get at least a bit of Freelancer footage done, hopefully I can get some more UFO Alien Invasion footage here soon as well.

(LP: Dune - Part 23)

Sometimes as you may have noticed with some posts on my youtube page, I have not had time to post anything here on my blog. My aplogies for that as well, again doing best I can and I appricate everyone subscribtion and viewier support and your understanding and pataince. Anything more then that well thats your call, and i'll do my best not to press it. Anyway thats really all I have for now, hopefully i'll have more then 1 LP update for you all this coming week. Untill then, take care!

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