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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Last LPs of TFTD & More MM9 LPs!!

(LP - TFTD Part 180)

Hello everyone, the moment has finnaly arrived, the last 3 parts of the first LP I have ever done! Thats right TFTD is now complete, my first LP is finshed and done and there for you all to enjoy and see, so check it out, or see it again or for the first time if you want! Its been a great ride and awsome fun and i'm glad you all could come along for the ride. But hey wait dosnt mean there isnt more LPs on the way, and I have a special treat that should keep you TFTD and XCOM fans intrested so definlty stay tunned!

(LP - MM9 Part 91)

Its definlty an LP weekend this weekend as I also have gotten back to MM9 for you all and I have 4 brand new parts up for you all. You will have to aplogize part 91 some of it is repeat footage so my aplogies for that. Still a lot of goodness going on as our party continues on through the perils of the chasm of the dead! Theres still plenty more for you all to enjoy so definlty stay tunned! One of the great things about my new hard drives is my ablity to now acutally get a lot of footage for you all and keep it comin without worry or interfernce with my day to day life.

Makes this all the funner. As for whats coming up next week, well a Monday update should be in order and were going to kick off the week right, with two vblogs! Thats right, first up is more STO aka Star Trek Online, fresh with my new puter so you definlty wont want to miss that! And also were going to see about getting a WoW vblog up as well for you all to enjoy, at the very least we'll see about finshing out our Grizzly Hills! Then latter on in the week its more vblog programming, this is more true vblog format though keeping some of the commentary struture. Thank you all so much for your encorugement and ratings and comments, please keep it up!

And last but not least of course more MM9 LP and of course I havnt forgoten Freelancer! So much to look forward to next week. So for now enjoy your LP weekend and i'll see you all monday! Till then.

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