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Thursday, February 11, 2010

First Real STO VBlog!

(VBlog - STO - Avatar Creation & Tutorial Part 1)

Hello again everyone back with as promissed the first STO vblog! This details avatar creation of my main on STO, Feline. This also includes the entire tutorial for you all to take a look at and enjoy! My STO vblog will run very much like my WoW vblog does and has. So were starting with the tutorial and going from rank Ensign 1 to Lt. 2! All in just 3 parts, this footage is also from the early live head start game! So I hope you all enjoy it!

(VBlog - STO - Avatar Creation & Tutorial Part 2)

For you WoW fans dont worry i'll still continue my WoW vblogs unfournlty I just dont have anything major for you this week. As for LP's I do have more TFTD and MM9 comin up by this weekend! You Freelancers dont fret more FL LP's will be up early next week just in time for me to build my new PC I do hope! Also remeber if you havnt already please check out the special 500+ youtube subs tribute that was posted earlier this week!

(VBlog - STO - Avatar Creation & Tutorial Part 3)

Thats all for now! Heres a funny beatuy screenshot for you all of me running as a transformed goblin with the LiL KT pet following me, I call it, AHHH hes after me LOL! Enjoy untill this weekend!

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