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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rolling out More LP's And A New WoW Poll!!

(TFTD LP - Part 105)

Hello everyone its thrusday and were back once again with another update of course. Even more LP's of TFTD and MM9. We got 2 new vids up for TFTD for you all to enjoy, i'm happy to say that were over the 100 episode/part mark on that LP witch is crazy but really awsome thank you so much for your continued support! And were now hiting wow over part 30 on the MM9 vids with 4 new ones up as well! Wow thats just zooming! Thanks so much for you enthusiam and comments and views and of course subscriptions on both LPs!!! You can of course see the first of the latest new LP's above and bellow as well.

(MM9 LP - Part 29)

I also have a new WoW related poll for you all, no this is my gaming blog and its about my gaming experinces, mods, lps etc. everything Quickshot14 related to gaming. But as most of you know my wife plays and raids as well. Now due to us sharing a computer we have spilt up guild raid days and right now when the guild runs Uldar raids its on the day she raids. So to help get that footage she thought it might be an idea to fraps or capture her, but as I said this is a gmaing blog about me and its not my toon its my wife. And thought I think i'll stick with that we both thought it be a good idea to get all your input so for the next two weeks i'm going to have a poll up asking just that.

Please mark your vote, and who knows if enough people want to see it, then you just may see my wifes WoW toon in a vblog sometime, the choice really is up to all of you. Theres no wrong anwser here we hoenslty just want your input on it. Thats really all for today, much more coming with school done for the week I can play again, course more LP's, more WoW vblogs so stick around! Untill next time.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WoW Nax: Plague Quarter & More LPs!!!

(LP MM9 - Part 27)

Hello again everyone, been a little bit I know. We didnt even make are schedule post on Sunday and I aplogize for that but well things happen. But no worries i'm back with much much more goodness today! Yes its that time again, another WoW Raid vids are up! More Nax, this time the wonderfull Plague Quarter!! As well as more MM9 LP's (2 total) and a lot more TFTD LP's (7 total) for you all to check out, you can see the first of the latest of each respectivily above and bellow this paragraph. So a bit of a hitaus but I have not been idle of course, oh no not me!!!

(LP TFTD - Part 98)

So what do we have, a lot of LPing was done over the weekend, as I was planing on a posting Sunday but it just fell apart. RL is well, RL. No worries its allowed me to get more done including more raid footage witch is good cause our guild has officaly cleared 10-man Nax! Yes we downed Kel'thuzad this past saturday and you can bet Igot all of it on film. So definlty stay tuned to the WoW vblog, to see all that. Speaking of the WoW vblog (ahh segways) We have three parts up for you on the Plague quarter. A lot of goodness here, the fights in Plague quarter arn't really that hard there just well take some tweaking to get used to. So check it out bellow.

(Plague Part 1)

In the LP world I have a lot of TFTD for you all today and not so much MM9, I know but time is what time is. Dont worry much more MM9 LP coming your way this thursday thats a promiss ;) And yes I know still no new WoW addon specials. I'm a little disapointed with myself here, cause I keep telling myself to at least get the raw footage and somehow someway I just mange to put it off. Well it will be done, I have neglected it long enough so it will be up. When I dont want to place another maybe date and come up short cause of school so for now I wont it will be up before the next raid vids, period. My aplogies to everyone on this.

(Plague Part 2)

Also the poll has closed, not a huge amount of votes but thank you for your opinon non-the less. I want to continue to thank everyones support and continued dedication and sometimes pataince with me and my vblogs and LP's. I hope you all continue to enjoy them as much as I enjoy putting them together for you all. If anyone has any suggestions of things to do for the vblog, specials, Lp's and so on, please by all means let me know, email me, comment, send a private message in youtube whatever. I have already gotten a few and I want to thank you for your support and ideas I love to here them all!

(Plague Part 3)

I'm hoping to do some more work on the blog and my youtube homepage and try to 'sync' them a bit better. I want to remind everyone that all updates will always be posted here. I dont want to flood my own youtube channel with my news comments when I have my own blog page. So please if your subscribed on my youtube page, subscribe here or at least bookmark it to get the latest. On the youtube front i'm going to start putting togetehr a few more playlists for the vblogs, the new ones and some of the old ones so there a little easier to find. Thats really all I have for now. As always, keep spreading the word and thank you, untill Thrusday!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More MM9 & TFTD!!!

(TFTD LP - Part 95)

Hello everyone and welcome to thrusday! Another update as pormissed woot this is going good! We have new LP updates for everyone, more TFTD (3 total) and many MM9's up for you as well (5 total) as you can see the first of the newest above and bellow of course. Again no WoW addon vids and i'm so sorry. I'll try to get it up this sunday to make it up to everyone of you wow viewers. Good news though, we have downed the death knight quarter! Witch means all 4 quarters of nax is cleared and on film so defintly stay tunned for all that!

(MM9 LP - Part 22)

This is good, next tuesday should be the plauge quarter and the week after that the death knight quarter. Theres a good chance we could clear nax totaly this week! If so you can bet i'll get it recorded so I can show you all! As for the LP department i've given you all pretty much whats left of my footage so I have a lot more recording of thoese to do tonight. This should give me a bit of a reprive with school over for this week. So as I said more LP's comin sunday and i'm going to try my darndest to get up thoese next WoW addon vids for you all as well!

I know our beatuy shots have been lacking latley i've been working on collecting more and i'm starting to get there, hopefully starting next week i'll have regular beatuy shots for you all to see and enjoy of hopefully more then just WoW! I'm happy to see more votes coming in on the poll, there is one up and still a few days to vote so please do so, another poll will be comin in sunday that you dont want to miss so make sure you vote on that when it comes up! As always thanks for your wonderfull comments and encorugments and please continue to do so! Thats all for now so untill sunday! Subscribe, spread the word and oh yeah vote ;)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WoW Naxxarams Construct Quarter, and TFTD

(TFTD LP Part 93)

Hello again everyone, back once again with more updates. Not exactly all I hoped for but still sucess none the less, we do have a good WoW vblog update with more raid info, this time its still nax of course but its the Construct quarter! 3 parts you defintly dont want to miss out on as you can see bellow. Also I did manage to get 2 LP's encoded before I ran out of time (been one of those start of weeks ;P) of TFTD for you all to enjoy as well as you can see above (2 total).

(Nax:Construct Part-1)

I was hoping to get some addon parts up as well but it just didnt happen today, my sleeping scehdule got a bit messed up so i'm a little off on my timing and I pretty much just got the last two parts of the construct quarter done with just a bit of time to encode the TFTD lp for you all today. No need to fret thou, thrusday isnt so far and I know i'll have more for you all then, addon special included is my hope and much more MM9 and TFTD LP's of course as well! I aplogize to wow vblog fans if it seems like they dont get many updates, I want to remind everyone that vblog always takes longer to do/encode then the LP's because of its nature (effects, overlays etc.) that lps dont. LP's are basicly raw clips as there recorder where as the vblogs are more editing for focus of content.

(Nax:Construct Part-2)

In ethier case i'm happy to se everyone enjoying as well as still finding my youtube channel and my blog and hope they continue to do so and spread the word. Comments are so welcome and appricated and I read ALL of them, and try to respond to them as much as I can. Its awsome to see this continue to expand, grow and evolve and I hope you all enjoy it. You are what makes this fun to do, not just view and subscribes but your insight and comments is what drives me to keep going and keep you all as updated as possible!

(Nax:Construct Part-3)

And I hope to continue it this way, so once again thank you everyone its amazing! So whats new on the WoW front, 3.2 around the corner and whats this...Royal Pain the guild i'm raiding with is starting to venture into Ulduar! Yes we did last night my wife healing for flame levaithan witch they one shotted, woot! For XT-20000 she had to goto bed but I was up so I manged to lend a hand and after a few wipes we downed him! And you better belive I got that on film! So theres still so much to come in the raid area alone. But thats not all for WoW oh no, besides the addon special we still have my alts of course! I will begin to cover them off and on soon after 3.2 patch is live and gtg!

And of course theres always a lot more LP's of MM9 and TFTD but what else? Well only time will tell, stayed tuned, enjoy subscribe and of course spread the word but most importantly, thank you!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


(XCOM TFTD-LP Part 89)

Hello again everyone, I acutally made it this sunday! Woot and I got a lot more LP goodness for everyone, some more TFTD LP's are up (about 4 in total) and some major MM9 LP's are up as well (A Whoping 7 Total!) so you definlty will want to check thoese all out. You vblog WoW fans dont fret there will be updates for you this coming tuesday with another nax raid vblog and at least 1 if not 2 new parts to the WoW addon special. So dont feel to left out. Of course tuesday will also see a few more LP's parts go up.

(MM9-LP Part 15)

Of course the first of the latest new uploads is right on this page embeded for you, the rest is of course on my youtube page. And yes your not seeing things, i'm updating far more often, i'm building my self a schedule and oppurunites to play, record and upload. Witch for the LP's is very simple to do, as they dont require as much 'encoding' work as the vblogs do. (thats why they get updated more often!) But as you can see i'm working on setting up a set sechedule of updates, and it looks like its shaping up to be every Tuesday, Thrusday and Sunday of a week. Baring any changes to my RL sechedule i'm pretty sure this update pattern will hold.

So what does this mean, its means we should have at the very least a blog update on these days, this will of course help you all know when to check if for whatever reason you dont wish to subscribe (why not sub its easy!) Of course there will be days when things get a bit off, such is life (such is college life ;P) but at least this way we all have a fairly set schedule. So what will be updated on these days. Any LP should be on these days, there far to easy to do and encode so I can continue to update them reguarly. Tuesday and Thrusday I belive are the magic days for WoW vblogs, it gives me time to encode and set them up, and if I miss it on tuesday I can always hit it up on thursday.

Well thats all for now, still a poll up about the re-focus of the blog, let me know what you all think, and untill Tuesday!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

More MM9 LP & TFTD LP! More About revised blog...

(MM9 LP-Part 11)

Greets again everyone! Quickshot back again as promised with almost everything I was hoping to get. Unforuntly the WoW addon vids didnt quite make it today, i'll see about getting them up this weekend, but lots more LP's for you all! 4 new parts for the brand new Might and Magic IX(9) LP! Its getting a great reception so far witch is great to see. And also a lot more Xcom Terror From the Deep LP's up as well! (7 new parts to be exact!) So defintly want to check thoese all out. Of course leave your comments and subscribe to my youtube channel as well to see them as soon as they get posted!!

X-COM:TFTD LP - Part 82

But hang on, hold up here dont run away just yet! As you may have noticed the blog has been changing, first the layout, the background and now i'm acutally posting about my LP's? Well yes, and technicaly thats what this blog has always been for. As is my youtube channel an extension of my blog. So yes EVEN my LP's count and I noticed I was posting more and more news about my LP's in my channel comments or even my vblog posts. So it makes more sense to me and probley everyone else that they should be posted and informed here! So from now on, you will find updates and info about ANYTHING posted on my youtube page. Including my LP's. I like this idea because this blog was never meant to be about JUST WoW. Its my gaming blog, and thats what the youtube page is about, and anything i'm doing with gaming.

So my blog will cover everything as much as possible, even if it isnt a vblog we all know on youtube though there still there and although now there just WoW that will not always be the case ethier. I belive this is good for everyone because it keep you up to date in what i'm doing in the world of gamin period. So I encoruge everyone whos subscribed to my youtube page to subscribe or at least bookmark to my blog page as well. Because this is where the news will be, anything new coming out, even if its not video related maybe a mod, anything its going to show up here! So remeber that!

As this comes more into focus the blog will expand with that of course, more links, information and lots more as it relates to me Quickshot14 and gaming. So sit back enjoy and tell me how you feel, comment, and oh look a poll ;P So vote! Thanks untill next time!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WoW Naxaramass Raid Vblog & TFTD & MM9!!

(Nax 1-Raid)

Greets all and welcome back first up for you all as you can see is more raid goodness this time the first of Nax! This is the total arachnid quarter and its bosses so check it out and see how we did it! (This is of course 10 man raid content!) Also you may have read MM9 thats no lie but its important to note i'm not bloging MM9 anymore, thats right its an LP! A new lets play of MM9 is up for you to enjoy from the very begining, so if you enjoyed the vblog I hope you enjoy the LP just as much.

(MM9 LP - Part 1)

And of course for you TFTD fans I have new LP's for you all 6 total today, you can check them out, if you havnt watched the ever growing and many views of the TFTD LP check out this awsome game! I know its odd to see LP's in the blog but with the new format of the blog/youtube page i'm going to start keeping updates going for all things me on the blog, this even means the LP so from now on, I will be doing blog posts even if its just LP related or vblog related so make sure you check here (that means subscribe/bookmark!!! :P)

(TFTD LP - Part 1)

No beatuy shot this time my aplogies I will try to get them of not only WoW but of the LP's as well! Much much more is on the way I have ton of saved footage and I mean TONS! So dont fret hopefully more TFTD LP's, and MM9 LP's and some more WoW addon specials by this thrusday so stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WoW Obsidan Sanctum & Addon Special Part 7 & 8!


Greets once again to everyone, its been a little bit I know, RL is doing its thing but I have defintly not been idle for you guys, oh no and not even a holiday can slow this man down LOL! Seriously thou, first good news for the LP fans, all problems with TFTD has been worked out and you can expect new footage from that LP around the end of the week! I'll spare you the details of what I did (you dont want to know LMAO) but needless to say its done. But lets get to the main event here, RAID VIDS!! Yes as promissed there here!!!

(Addon 7)

First up is Obsidan Sanctum or OS as its commonly refered to, you can find this lovely 10-man (normal)/25-man (Heroric) instance in Dragonblight directly under the Wyrmrest temple. This was our first major 10 man our fairly new casual raiding guild got to dive into it. Witch is good for a few reasons, its not to complicated its basicly a huge giant cave with a horseshoe shaped rise around the middle area where the main boss is. Pretty straight forward. A good starting Raid for Northrend esppicaly for under-geared just learning causal raiding guild ;)

(Addon 8)

So how did we do, take a look at the vid for yourself and see :) keep in mind you will notice theres some resoultion changes, none of this footage thats complied here happend in just one day (as most all raids go!) so this was inbetween my operating system change. I also have here the next two parts of the addon special. Definlty a big deal here esppicaly in part 7, as it covers Auctioneer and now were starting to get to the lower addons I use, you may noticed through-out these addon videos I have some mods changing (like my minimap for example) this is important with 3.2 probley only a month or so away i'm trying to get rid of the oldest UI mods that I can, so i'll keep you updated to that.

Also my list for my UI will be updated here very soon as I finsh filtering through addons with more specific links and of course EVERYTHING thats been covered in the addon videos thus far even if there not on that list right now. (Woot I just made more work for myself LOL) Lastly I want to say HEY to all my fellow guild mates checking out my blog again or for the first time, and encoruge anyone curious about our guild theres a wonderfull link to the guild website just to your right there. And finnaly my wonderfull Paladin alt has made it to level 20 (WOOT!) and i've added a new armory link for her to the right as well.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and esppicaly your votes on this new layout, there is still some time to cast your vote so please do so. Dont forget to comment and of course subscribe here or my youtube channel (BOTH :P) And definlty more to come as I begin my NAX series of videos, so you dont want to miss that, and of course the TFTD LP, and more addon special parts, so much more to come as always. Leaving you all here with a great beatuy shot of our guild in NAX chilling for a moment as I feel a little heavy from a dino behind me...hmmm LOL. Enjoy! Till next time!