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Saturday, November 1, 2008

And so here we are....

So that moment has finnaly come,

Hello all I am Quickshot14, and finnaly after always wondering if I should I have broken down with the masses and started a blog. (plays shudder music) I know for goodness sake not another damn blog! LOL well if your looking for anything game related its here, i'll do my best to try to keep the dreaded RL (thats real life for thoese not up to net lingo) away from this blog as much as possible.

So what can you expect in this blog, well first me getting used to it, and added content as much as possible, second a lot posts, hoepfully, LOL. Seriously thou expect gaming, I am a gaming freak, 26 years old and been gaming since my lil years (yeah like 4!) So i've litterly grown up with the gaming community.

Add to that some programing know-how and a passion for modding spreading back to easy hex editing wing commander, and well its me. Sure i'm not where near as good as a lot of modders
out there, and granted not many mods i make really ever even get released. But I do my best.

First my modding and esppicaly WoW (thats World of Warcraft) will probley totaly dominate this blog. So sit back, grab a cold one (a coke maybe ;P) and enjoy the show. Love it, hate it, let me know and spread the word, thats the only way a blog survives, visiablity!

So besides boring you with useless information about my past lets talk about whats coming to the blog, links, videos, pictures and of course posts! Talking WoW my girl and I (my sweet loving beatifull fiance) have resumed our pounding, make that grinding...okay dosnt sound right....of WoW to get our mains (thats our most played/highest level charchter) upto the required level 55 to unlock death knights for the inment release of WoTLK (or wraith of the lich king) november 13th.

We starting the level feista, (blame that pun on shakira playing right now ;P) about a week a go today now. (yes even durning the zombie madness and belive it or not we even made a level the worst day too!) starting at a fresh level of 43 and 42 respectivly. Our druids, that we play on Echo Isle server, named Zandirs and Alxzes, started admiss a zombie invasion and my second more understood and indepth modding adventure of WoW. Now coming off our two to three day break and me modding like hell, we reached level 50 and 49 respectivly yesterday! With more leveling goodness of course coming latter today.

I'm very pleased with my achivement of level 50 in WoW as a long time off/on casual WoW player since orignal open beta. Its nice to finnaly make that benchmark, but as my brother would say, 'its about time'. I'll try to grab a few screen grabs latter today of our leveling quest for you all later today. Even if i forget to re-install photoshop before I goto bed here in a couple hours!

For all thoese intreseted in my addon I have made and released for WoW, it can be found on curse.com and wowui. I would suggest the wowui link as it has the most up to date version as i'm having problems trying to upload a new file on curse.com

Well i belive this is long enough for the moment, more to come stay tunned for updates and again, spread the word, talk to me, love to hear it!

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