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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Working on some alts and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Greets again everyone, back once more as I menionted before this week is up in the air with posts mainly due to it being thanksgiving. I should not have a post tommorow at all for you but you can expect one for friday! In the mean time what WoW I have been playing i've kind of been focusing on some of my skills, on my main in paticular I was working on bringing her fishing skill up witch i'm happy to say I did upto Artisan! I must say the quest was a bit of a pain not becuase its hard or diffcult to do but because it has you running all over to find single fish! Otherwise its very quite simple. At any rate it got done. And I got of course an achivement for it and also one I forgot I didnt have on my main witch you can see in the screenie!

Besides that i've been playing my alt, as you all saw before some of my alliance mage but I took a break from that and worked on my hunter she got an exploration achivement as the screenie shows and happy to say shes at a level to tame a rare pet that i'm after. Unfournlty I havnt found him yet and rare spawns are just that rare so I dont know when i'll get the oppurunity or will to find and tame him. Hopefully I will early friday. Of course also friday is an SM(Scarlet Monstary) run with my DK and some others, i'm hoping to continue to refine my tanking skills here. Also of course saturday night is the big raid once more! So you definlty have a lot to look forward too.

My applogies for this being so short but as RL thanksgiving is here for us in the states it does happen. So thou no blog post tommorow you can find me the day after so I hope to see you then after your turkey coma! Have a happy and safe holiday and heres a beatuty shot of my main riding in Desolace (after fishing ;P) Till friday!

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