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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A warlocks days...and a change of plans...

Hey everyone been a bit I know but were back, first the bad or good news depending on how you look at it, due to RL reasons our ablity to get WoLK on launch day has become pretty much not feasable. So unfourntly we have to wait untill we have the funds to let us do so, however this allows us to play a little more relaxed and i'll get back to that soon. I have been playing my alts and taking a bit of a break from our mains, my warlock finnaly reached level 20 as you can see screenshot!

Unfoufntly I didnt get much else done as I was helping my fiance alt run through dm(deadmines) but i did mange to play my alliance mage witch manged to rack up a few more achivements as you can see here, most of the rest of the day was pretty much the deadmines run and then just when i thought i'd check some auctions, the pre-WoLK events started up again, for both the allaince and horde.

For the alliance stormwind harbor was the scene with the king of storwind and allaince genreals gathered ready to move there boats to northrend and the lich king sent his minons to attack, frost wyrms and undead abomnations, they were fought back and then most people gathered near the kings postion as you can see in that screenshot. Was very neat and i'm hoping theres more!

With tommrows downtime lurking it will be late before I get on and this is where things get dicey, my loving fiance and I have played our mains togetehr somehting I enjoy emnsaly but with the ablity to WoLK pushed back, she hasnt been to intrested in playing our mains and thats fine sometimes i dont feel like it when she does. The problem is as much as I do enjoy my alts I have been done that road so much that now i'm starting to get to extra content I want to get to it. So i'm going to talk to her during that downtime and see if shes alright with us not always playing our mains togetehr and leveling as we can do that easily when we get WoLK and our deathknights.

So if that is the case you will probley see screenies of me levling up, or both of us or an alt etheir way i'll have more for you so please stayed tuned!

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