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Monday, November 17, 2008

Herb loving Deathknight????

And hello once more everyone, as we reach the end of an amazing launch weekend and the beging of a new week we end it probley in the dullest way possible, herb hunting???? Yes thats right as i'm playing WoW with my new death knight, my professions are at the top of my list of things to do. Why? Simple if I dont do it now i'll have to latter and ethier way it just needs to be done! So most all today we spent herb hunting to finsh geting my herbalism and alchemy to artisan. I'm happy to say that I got it as the first screenie shows *woot!* and i'm unhappy to say it was a pain to do!!!

And not for the most common reasons, most was RL related (lets just say net issues and body issues okkkkay we will leave it there ;P) But I still got it done, and finnaly FINNALY I got get back to questing my death knight. Witch is a good thing i've learned if your going to tank a death knight, dependent on your spec of course changes how best you shoud/would tank. Thou the talents I chosse were good and the way I was tanking alright. It wasnt up to snuff at all! So I have spent the 1 gold and totaly re-speced my tallents changing them up a bit. I have to say from just doing a few lower level quests in Western plaguelands, I belive this talent spec is going to work much much better for me period let alone tanking! Time will tell.

In the mean time a few things, 50 quests done for my deathknight! (woot) and lastley something I needed badly and still need more of, I got a huge sell today on the auction house of a drop my deathknight found last night while soling Uldaman. Thou it helped a TON with my death knight and getting an enchant for her as well, it still hasnt helped my weekly ratio for gold. In total i'm still 150 gold in the red(thats minus for thoese of you who dont do accounting jargon!) for the week! As you can imagne with a lot of spending with the hit to level 55, the enchants and even some gold sent and spent by my deathknight its hit my bank hard. And unfournlty my poor main just isnt selling well on the AH at all.

Currenlty my plan is to let her auctions expire and sort them out, try to sell other stuff for cheaper just to get something hopefully a profit, and the rest ethier vendor, guild or disenchant. If I absloutley have to I will start bottom scanning again on my main (witch is kind of nuts but I have a TON of gold to recover here!) because I need to make sure my main has the money she needs when she reaches level 60 to get her epic mount. As for my deathknight, its time to level her and level her well. Goal is to get her to level 60 and in outland, asap! Hopefully by tuesday or latest wensday (due to server down time and RL and so on) once thats done I can focus back on my main and work her up to 60 as well. I will probley be switching back and forth bewteen my main and my alt-main(the deathknight) pretty constantly. Esppicaly with guild matters, so keep it tuned to see how that goes.

And hopefully I can have a signature for you all of my deathknight as soon as Magelo gets updated. In the meantime i'm beat(thats tired smartbutt ;P) so its time for me to hit the pillows with my beatifull fiance. Heres a beatifull screenshot of a sunset on top of a hill in the Swamp of Sorrows. See you tommrow!

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