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Sunday, November 2, 2008

RL and WoW

First I have to aplogize, unforuntly i dont have any screenshots to show you of my girl and me leveling our mains in WoW. Because we didnt get around to it today, spent most of the day helping a RL freind move in to there new place, i'll spare you the details. There will be more of the same tomorrow in that department, but this time were going to play our mains no matter how breif so i'll try to grab some screenshots then.

I did however get my undead mage (an alt or secondary charchter) upto level 20 finnaly. And I do have a couple of screenshots to show you for that here as i just reached level 20 and then i'm making my way into the orc major city to learn the teleport spell there. If your wondering about my UI (User Interface) i use an extended amount of diffrent WoW addons (or UI modifcations). The base or template is a collection gathered up by a talented man who dosnt work on it anymore since he has a real job LOL. He was very kind to give us an updated template version before he littlraly headed to the airport to fly to his new home/job! Its called Mirage UI and it can be found here. The rest of the add-ons i've included/added myself or even made my self for a few things. Of course my addon BagSpace is also there as well.

I'll try to provide a more detailed list of the addons i'm using and place it on the blog sometime soon. So what else have I been upto, well i ran a small solo run on my main through the Scarlet Monastary's Libary! It of course wasnt to diffcult, and unfournlty not very worth while. I've looked into doing an addon plugin for BigWigs for scarlet monastary and well its still a very big work in progress and i'm just to tired to do anymore on it right now LOL.

With the need to work on this blog and the need to level with everything else I dont belive i'll get a chance to work on any major addons or updates to my BagSpace addon for at least just before the release of WoTLK(Wraith Of The Litch King). As for this wonderfull blog I have added a few things and i'm hoping to add even more latter tommorow! So please stay tunned I promiss there is much much more coming!

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