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Friday, November 21, 2008

Short...but good day.

Hello everyone, had a short day today due to many things RL. I'll spare you the details, but still had a very good and fun day. Didnt make a level but did make about half a level on my main who has moved down to silithus for now to finsh out this level and half gap to get to 60. I'm still on target for my goal of before the guild raid on saturday and speaking of witch we had a wonderfull little 5 man pratice raid run through Zul'Farrak. We all did very well picking up some good disenchant loot and even some of our lower levels finshed out some quests and got good experince. It was also a very good experince for us over all to get familer with the diffrent aspects of raiding, such as communcation having multiple tanks and of course keeping agro and pulling.

We had a lot of fun and made great progress, we also of course got our achivement for fufilling it. As you can see, my lovley beatifull fiance and I went through on our death knights as the main tanks. And we had a blast! After some leveling i've decided to hang it up more ealier for me then ussal to try and get back up at a diffrent hour. There will be more tommrow of course with the march to 60 heads on! My beatifull faince made it to 61 today, she also did get her epic mount witch is awsome! So stayed tunned and definlty dont want to miss saturday for the main event once again!!!

To leave you all with I have a nice beauty shot of one of the main hives in Silthus. Till tommrow you know da drill!!

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