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Thursday, November 6, 2008

DING! Less then A week to go.....

Hello everyone, sorry about yesterdays post but RL pretty much just pissed me off. But as promised i'm back and right back into it. Despite some herindous lag mainly due to weather (damn wireless) my faince and I made it to level 52 and 51 (1/2) repsectivly today! This is great and keeping us ahead of schedule for the release of lich king witch is as of this moment only 6 days away!! (you never count today silly :P) Levling is definlty taking much longer as expected as we reach the origanl ending level for WoW (before the first expansion that was 60) but with 6 days left to go and only 3 more levels to hit, we shouldnt have a problem even with taking tommrow off. (keeping RL out of it but laundry nough said)

I have a few shots here for everyone of my lovley fiance and I taking it to Un'gro crater once again. We even hit an achivement for fully exploring Un'gro witch suprised us both! We also had a blast taking on some raptor like animals nest and well we definlty got swamped but nothign we couldnt handle, my faince also finnaly got her moonkin form witch makes me very proud! Things on the acution house our buzzing once again, it was acutally quite good for a wensday witch is ussaly quite poor for auctions. With the last patch now on the servers and WoLK(wraith of the lich king) only days away, its no wonder.

I also did some more work and levling on my warlock, reaching him upto level 13, he also made some strides professionaly including his first aid acheviment! Woot woot! I will be playing him some more tommroow as i strive to get him to level 20. I have some intresting news i looked up yesterday to try and distract me from my RL upsetness. Apprently for thoese who dont know, WoLK(wraith of the lich king, have it yet ;P) will introduce a new technology to the game engine called by Blizzard as phasing.

What phasing is, is keeping track of what the player has done, via quest wise and like and changing the world acordingly, but only effecting/showing on that players client. So for example, you have a standard, escort quest, ussaly when you finsh the quest and arrive at point b, the quest giver will dissapear and then respawn back at point a and you will see him there again. This is the way its been forver to allow other people to do that quest, now instead the player who just escorted him to point b now sees him there permenatly and never at point a, but the player who hasnt done the quest yet sees him at point a with the quest and dosnt see him at point b.

Very cool right? acutally physicaly shows an effect on the game world by you the player! Now what makes this so cool sides asthestics is the possibalites, thats a small exmaple a larger example would be a quest/story through a city involving many diffrent npcs that may be in other places, while you go through that quest casuing mayham and everything, thoese not on it who use that city will go about normaly and not see or notice anything, as you wont see or notice them and thoese npcs with you who may be in other places for thoese not on the quest will see them at there normal places, hell you could be figthing and killing a quest giver in this quest and simeotnausly someone without that quest could be picking up a very quest from that quest giver. It sounds confusing yes but the possiblties and the effect is huge! If your an old time WoW player and esppcialy RP WoW player, check up on this, you can find some info here about this new tech.

I highly suggest you get it check it out, i think you will find it a much enjoyable experince, i'm cerintly cant wait to see it all in action i belive not only does it allow Blizzard the ablity to tell story better but makes the enter WoW experince that much more personal like most games do. Well thats all I have for you today of course more tommrow and then firday more info and screens of my fiance and I quest to get to level 55 before WoLK comes out, come back stay tuned and hit the comment bar or/and spread the word!

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