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Sunday, November 23, 2008

DING Level 60!!! And raid day, epic mount and tree form, oh my!

And greets to everyone once more. Again my short applogies for no post yesterday there wasnt much to post, I didnt play very long and I was just to tired once more to post, but thats all right cause I have a ton for you all today! First I got up bright and early this morning (hey for me its early okay! LOL) and before you know it just after lunchtime, DING, 60!!!! As you can see in the screenie!!! I was very happy and oh so glad to finnaly hit that achivement and level!!! And of course with 60 came the benfit of learning and reaceving a couple of things, first my new tree from!!! I re-arranged my talents a bit to make room for it (you can find more details on that in my profile signature at the bottom of the blog, just click on it and check out my talents) in order to get the extra point I needed to get my tree form now, instead of level 61. I also got my wonderfull epic mount and training to ride it. As you can see in the screenie as I get my achivement, definlty not a cheap feat!! But well well worth it!!!

I also got some wonderfull news while I was fishing, yes I went back to fishing, i've kind of neglected the skill and doing so i've started to recive my fishing talents, you can see me achiveing my 100 fish collected achivement! My guild has been so impressed and thankfull to my lovley fiance and I that we have been made full fleged offciers! Witch is great were so happy to do so and help out and do the best we can, also I recived the disctintion of raid leader for the guild, witch is quite the responsiablity and achviement for me. I've been looking forward to raiding for quite a while, its the reason why I waited as long as I did for a guild, and have the oppurtunity to be a real push for it and work on it for the guild as a whole is quite an honor and I hope not to disapoint!

I got my first test as raid leader for our guild into BRS(Blackrock Spire) today, of course if you remeber last week the last time we entered BRS it was slow going quite disorignaed and a completle wipe, i'm happy to say a lot of or pataince and practice and getting used to a system that all of us have started to embrace and put in place is paying off in spades. Not only did we not wipe, we had only one major real death during battle, and a couple of acidental ones and we also totaly finshed Lower BRS!!!! As you can see in the screenies, I cant say how proud I am of everyone and Reg, I have to say has come very far from that first raid and it was great to have him easy to talk to on vent this time, I totaly look foward to raiding again and everyone had such a blast!

I can't say enough how greatfull and wonderfull it is to have found a guild such as Royal Pain. It really is a wonderfull guild. Were very considerate and helpfull of each other despite the way it should be, we all have fun and enjoy the time we play with each other no matter how long it is, all day, some of the day or even just a few hours. We all do the best we can and try to enjoy our selves, and I have to say our officers and leaders are definlty totaly awsome, accessible and very very helpfull, anything they can do they will and its wonderfull esppicaly on a first go to find the exact guild I was hoping and looking for, and more over even to be able to be apart of helping build it up into a raiding guild, witch is going to be such a wonderfull time and blast if anything now is an indication I'm starting to understand so much now as anyone who is in a guild such as this can attess too the real success of WoW at least at this level is definlty good guilds, riading or otherwise.

And on top of all that after such a wonderfull full WoW filled day, it ended with the start of the 4 year aniversery of World Of Warcraft!! Witch was wonderfull, I cerinlty look foward to more raiding fun and goodness and helping build the guild with the great responsiablity i've been givin. On a blog note, i've updated the wow addon list to the right (finnaly) that can be found, and of course i've updated my WoW signature as well so be sure to check that out. I leave you all with a nice shot of my main(Zandris) riding through the outland skyline! See you all tommorrow!!!

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