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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A small break....and back to work!!

Hello everyone, back once again after a bit of a time off from all that hard leveling work! I needed a breather from WoW and games in genreal for a day or so, so thats why there was no blog post the other day, but now i'm back and onto it again. Thou not getting all I hoped done acomplished due to some net issues I did mange to get some progress done on my main. First shes got some great new gear and i'm just enjoing outland a lot! I also got some nice unexpected achivements as well while questing and working in outland! You can see thoese screenies here on the blog of course.

I ended the day by travling with our guild leader to dalaran via portal, to look at one of the new vanity pets there. I couldnt afford it (well i could but i would of been nearly broke again) but i did make my new hearth there, I also ran into my brother who showed me a neat shop for vainty pets including a leash. I have a cute pick of me in tree form holding my little baby blizzard bear (the WoW 4th aniverserary award) with the leash! I must say dalaran is quite cool, theres a lot to see and the lag was pretty decent...thou being so late I cant be sure that will always be the case.

There is some RL stuff to do tommrow and of course thanksgiving is coming up! So my blog posts may be short but you can bet theres much more WoW to be had as I continue leveling up! With another BRS raid on saturday and a SM(Scarlet Monstary) run on firday you can bet i'll keep myself pretty busy as the new raid leader! And of course i'll bring it all to you right here! In the mean time as I menioned before I updated my addon links and i also added a new poll! So please let me hear your opinon! You dont even have to regiester with blogspot to vote, but if you are registered please leave your comments!!

All for now, heres a nice screenshot of me in the outlands with some serious trouble lurking in the background! See you tommorrow!!!!

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