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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A missed day....but no missed levels!!!

Hello once again everyone! My aplogies for the day gap, I just was too tired yesterday to post, so let me run down what has happend these past two days. First yesterday I started with my death knight running and picking up a bit more on her herbalism and on top of that got a wonderfull exploration achivement I didnt expect as you can see from the screenie. After that it was back to the leveling grind of my main who has fallen behind a bit since the release of WoLK. With another BRS run coming up this weekend by the guild. I want to make sure my main is up to snuff for it not to mention, shes still my main and I still love being a druid.

So as you can see I moved her off the winterspring and shes been questing dilgently there, on top of that its a wonderfull spot for skining leather she needs for leatherworking so that she work out wonderfull. Yesterday I got her up to level 57 and today upto 58 so i'm very pleased with her progression so far. I have to say i'm also very very happy with the progression of the guild and were i'm at with it. This guild is the real deal, we help each other out, we work well together really without having to ask we just offer. And obviously things arn't always perfect and not everything works the way you expect. But we do our best and we have a blast and a lot of fun doing it!

Tommrow night we have a pratice raid run through Zul'Farrak and i'm taking my DK with me, it should be a lot of fun and you can expect info and some screens right here. Speaking of my DK, I did run some guild mates through uldaman, and my tanking skills have gotten much much much better since our run through SM before my changes. I have to say its a lot of fun, and you can see I even made a nice little circle LOL, we got the achivement for finshing it but the primary pourpose was to find a drop for Jand, witch unforunlty did not drop (thou its a high level drop!) so it will have to wait to try and find another time. I have also added two of my alts to the guild, my warlock Martan, mainly for his jewelcrafting/mining abillites so you can expect more screenies of him as well as my lowly alt Shanir who is my herbalism/inscription as well to level them up and get there skills up much much higher for the guild as more nad more of us approch the level to goto to outland.

Speaking of, my lovely beatifull fiance made me very proud by reaching level 60 today and going to outland! I'm so very very proud of her, and shes having a wonderfull time. She has come such a very long way since she first asked to check out the game when she watched me palying after a time. I got her a trial and then upgraded her account and shes been hooked since. I litterly had my main stop leveling to help her and show her the way of the game, and she has just took out and fly with her alts and now esppicaly with her mains. I love her so very much and shes made me very proud!

Thats all there is for today for the past few days of course i'll have more tommrow hopefully reaching level 59 on my main as well as screenies from zul'farrak with my DK, so come back tommrow for it, i'll leave you all with a nice flying shot through Dun Mugore.

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