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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The days tick the levels rise....and the old video I did a long time ago...

And so another day closer to WoLK(Wraith of the Lich King) and another level up for my fiance and mine mains. Hello all, we have started are treking through Un'gro crater for some leveling up and the crater was good to us today reaching level 51! With 8 days now untill the release of WoLK and only 4 levels to go this gives us plenty of leway for RL and of course standard WoW mataince. With that coming today leveling may not be quite a level but even half a level will keep us right on target! I have plenty more screenies for everyone here so please take a look.I do have to admit that it seems that the auction house witch has always been very kind of me seems a bit well slow latley, ever since the Zombie Invasion the auction block has been quite slow on days and times it ussaly pays off big. My main makes exstive use of the auction house as her gold income, allowing me to worry about leveling now about having enough gold to get the gear i need to level. Doing it all legimatly by finding drops and selling them. But latley not even sure fire recipes have seemed to help.

I'm assuming its just a blip, with being so close to release of the next expansion a lot of people may be putting off there buying experince or my leading theroy is people are rolling new toons to play with or level for the coming expansion to pass time. Ethier way auction house for me has been mixed and rather switched. On ethier case i've manged to stay well off for my main and my alts and even my horde main has been doing fine. So its not the sky is falling or anything just a blip in the WoW economy maybe? I guess time will tell.

I have manged to play a bit more with my toons and that includes my lower level alts. My warlock lowbie (thats low level) alt is making his way up hitting some achivemnts and one very unexpectedly! As for my main levling in Un'gro has been great so far but it really has turned into a Devilsaur watch! My fiance and i nearly had too many bad encounters with these high level elite mobs(thats monsters or enemy toons if you prefer ;P) thankfully no problems and we did wonderfully with leveling even with some RL intruptions!

Off the subject of WoW but still blizzard related its time for me to finnaly post an old music video I did and then re-did thats related to the game Starcraft. Needless to say i'm very excited about Starcarft 2 and deifntly can not wait for its release!

This music video combines scences from starcraft and its expansion to the music of Godsmack, in particlur the song Voodoo. The youtube link here was not posted by me but a stacraft clan, as the video is quite well know and popular, I also have a link to the acutal higher quality download the video thats on fileplanet here. This will be added to the side bar for easy finding and viewing/downloading!

Thats really all there is for today, RL will be taking most of the day tommrow and of course more WoW is incoming as the level fest continues! Stay tunned and please spread the word!

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