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Saturday, November 15, 2008

WoLK comes to me, and Death Knights ROCK!

Back again everyone! And in for a treat my faince and I managed to buy 2 copies of WoLK for us and we rocked with our death knights and I have awsome screenies for you all to see and enjoy, be warned there might be some spoliers so you have been warned! First I have to say I have this has been a very enjoyable experince by far, anyone looking to do this is in for quite a treat this is an experince you have never had before in any mmo let alone WoW its self!! The entire phasing aspect is so seemless and somewhat transparent and your so caught up into what your doing to really even notice!

So my wonderfull fiance and I rolled our Night Elf deathknights as altarnte fallen personas of our mains, you can see all these wonderfull screenies of our progress and transiton throughout the starting quests. You start as level 55 and by the time your 'free' of the lich king (you start out acutally working for the scourge!) you should be about level 58, it was a lot of fun I do have to admit and the gear went up well! The entire aspect of being of deathknight is very tankish (ie take the damage and focus on you) but there much more versitle and diffrent then any other tank you may have ever seen or played!

Its hard to describe really, but it makes total sense lore wise after all death knights are the oposite specturm of paladins as the entire progress shows by how arthas was a paladin then became a death knight. Its a lot of fun the story invovled and the changing world in the start is quite epic feeling, and then how your treated untill you set things straight is very very neat. If anyone is even thinking about buying WoLK but dosnt have a 70 and has at least a level 55 then get it for the death knight i'm sure you wont be dissapointed!

I dont want to go into to much detail about what your seeing as most to show what we did and wet your appiate, there plenty of places on the web to find more info and more details and spoliers about the death knight area and its quests/story. But as you can see its very cool, any race on ethier side can be a death knight, so have away at it! I would definlty look up for minformation about death knight class at the WoW website if you want more info. The most important things to note that in order to roll(create) a death knight you must have WoLK (of course!) and have a toon(a charchter) at least level 55. Then you can create your new Death Knight.

Besides rolling a death knight and geting WoLK I also did level my main to level 56! Also were setting up some instance running tommorow in the guild so be sure to check the blog for screenies and info on that! I hope you all subscribe to the blog, leave comments the works. I'm not sure if you have to register with blogger.com for some of it but its painless and easy and you can even start your own blog! As for addons of course I was hoping to get to dillgent work on my new MatTrack but with getting WoLK and guild that hasnt happend quite yet, i'll try to fit in some work on it probley sunday at the eailest monday at the latest so stay tuned for that.

Also I do need to update my addon listing on the right for you all i'll try to get that done in the next day or so. See you all tommorow with hopefully a nice bigggg post hehe.

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