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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The instance that got pwned...and the raid that got owned!

Heyaz everyone back again once more of course to tell you what went down and I was upto today. Again more WoW and new guild (witch rocks btw!) action to talk about here. The first part of the day not very exciting, spent most of it running around on my death knight picking herbs to get my herbilsam up and help bring up my alchmey. Glad to say that went over very well! After that we hit our first instance run of the day a low level one, so I decide to try something new and tank with my dk.

Have to say it was a very cool blast! Despiste some stops a couple of deaths we finshed all 4 parts of scarlet monestary for the achivement(as you can see in screenie) in just a little over 2 hours. I have to say it was my first time, truely tanking and it was a lot of fun, I did make a few mistakses and died once (we had no healers with us) but it happens and its a great learning experince! And now I have the wonderfull achivement woot! The death knight is a ton of fun to tank with and his array of spells makes him quite formidable i've learened more and more, i'm looking forward to learning more with em!

After a quick switch back to my main we headed for the raid event, where, yes I, yours truely decided to volunteer/asked to be raid leader for the guild. We did very well and had a blast after a slow slugish start, it was the guilds first real raid (of many we hope!) and we had 9 members for this 10 man instance BRS(Black rock spire) of all levels, from minimum (45) to highest suggested (60)! We had a death knight tanking and a ton of mages and of course my sweet lovley fiance was pushing her boomkin(moonkin ;P) form for more fun, we had a couple of low level pallys and yours truely and one lone hunter. We did quite well but we had a very slow start witch ate up most of our play time. We also had some communication issues but overall we worked very very well togetehr. We had deaths here and there but got fairly deep and far.

I was told I was a good leader, and I did the best I could nad I hope at least everyone had fun I know it got rough at times but I belive we all had a blast and we can of course always do it again. Unfournlty in the end the instance beat us, we had a total wipe! With one man standing for a while, our lowest level paladin stayed alive as long as he could and we were cheering him on, but alas it was not to be. With a lot of laughs and cheers we called it and prcoeeded to enjoy the after party! LOL that is talk around and make each other laugh and remeber what we did! I've got great screenies of it all right here for you to take a look at so enjoy! We will definlty do more radiing but at an ealier hour to try and make up the diffrence, of course we had a lot of fun and this is cerintly what I joined the guild for. I belive i've found a good home here, and hell they put up with me, help out very well with everyone truely and even let me lead a raid. Tell me another guild that would do that for a new member! My sweet fiance and I hope to stay with the Royal Pains for a very very long time!

So thats all I have for you today, I leave you with a lovely screenie of my deathknight looking over the bay in Northrend, see you all tommrow, please subscribe, spread the word and most important comment feedback whatever!!! Till tomorrow!

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