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Sunday, November 9, 2008

ALT day with a touch of SFK....

Greets once again everyone, so another day off the old counting block to WoLK (thats like 3 days away for thoese keeping track ;P) and one last good break off our mains before final cram time. So today started out easy enough with my alts, mainly my warlock pushing him to level 20. Course he did reach his 100 quests completed mark but did stop just short of level 19. Why you may ask, to level Zaarod (my horde main-alt) to be ran through SFK(Shadowfang Keep) by my lovely fiance. After a short level trip for my undead mage to level 21 we headed into shadowfang witch gave me a full exploration achivement as you can see in the screenie.

So we got to work, i'm happy to say this was the most enjoyable way to learn SFK since, yes I have to admit i had never run it before. Even on my old pervious account I never ran many instances with the exception of DM(Deadmines). its just sad but true! We had a lot of great moments including as you can see in the shots the dining room clearing. My fiance celebreated by dancing on top of the table with her cat and of course i celebrated by feasting on the flesh....what i'm an undead mage! helllllooo ;P As we moved up we ran into the main reason why I wanted to run SFK now instead of latter.

With the scoruge invasion in full swing for pre-WoLK goodness some new bosses have been introduced to old instances temporarly, this happens to be one of them, a nasty abomnation by the name of Sever. He didnt seem too diffcult for my finace to handle and his drops are nice and up-to date. Unfournlty i didnt get the drop i wanted of him, but still if you play WoW and you have a chance go after him and say you did it, before hes gone! After Sever we continued onward to the main attractions as we closed in on the ultimate goal Arugal. I was suprrised hoenslty by how easy this low level instance is compared to most allaince ones. Deadmines and Blackfathom Depths are much more tougher just in sheer numbers. The only place where even my fiance had to be carefull was the dinning room.

Never the less we made our way past the wolf master and up to Arugal himself and took him down handly chalking up our achivement and of course the completion of my last quests. Turning thoese last two in, neted with the quest turn in inside the instance and all the experince from kills neted me an easy level making my mage, level 22. Also he got some decent gear out of it too. Brand new shoulderpads and a better belt to name the big two. The loot drop wasnt to bad ethier most went to disenchanting but some made it to the auction block.

So that was pretty much it for the day, with it so late and myself and my fiance dead tired my warlock will have to wait at least another day before he reaches that level 20, and of course its back to major work on our mains tommrow as we close in on 55 and WoLK! As always i'll have the lastest info and screenies for you all to see! As for modding, I did get some done working on the new MatTrack tyring to update/convert the old Inventory Hawk to bring it in, so far its been very very slow, but i've started making some minor progress. The main problem is the old code, theres some really old not nedded naymore code used here and my still new experince to WoW addons, makes me unsure where to stop and end on this code.

Its getting done but at a turtles pace right now, oh and you may of noticed a UI change, healbot has been removed at least temporarly due to some bug problems with the newest updates, despite doing as sated with the cleaning of the WTF folder it still does nothing to fix the issue and i've tired everything. At the behest advice of my brother i'm using Clique for now as a psudeo replacement for that addon. Thats pretty much all to cover for now, more for you tommrow of course, if you have any comments feedback suggestion just want to say hi or let me know anyone is reading this blog please leave feedback or throw me a shout. Take care!

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