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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The night WoLK went live.....

And hello again everyone its a new day in WoW as officaly 12am EDT(eastern daylight time) the long awaited WoLK went live! I was there...cheering in the background a bit bumbed that i wont get to play for now....RL looks like it screwed me but looks like there is silver lining to get at least one if not possibly both copies of WoLK by friday night. Time will tell, in the mean time the main fest continues! First i'm proud and happy to say my faiance is enjoying and doing so well in her venture by herself that shes acutally ahead of me! Yes before she went to bed early this morning she hit level 55!!!!!!

Needless to say i'm so proud of her, unforunlty she was so excited she didnt get a screen grab for you all! But mine is still coming i'm very close to levling and as you can see in these screenies I had a busy and exciting night! First it was back to questing and a bit of hunting to finnaly become a master in leatherworking, witch not only did i acomplish as my screenie shows but i even took on some dangerous foes by myeslf and took them down! Elites and even the nasty devilsaurs!!! The proof is all there in the screens! Sometimes its really good to be a battle restro-druid(restroration druid)!!!!

The day started out easy enough, tooks some time to help my lovley fiance take down a big bad ape and not get ganked (ganged up on) by other apes! Needless to say we sucseeded, twice of course, i had and needed the quest too! And again as i said before i took on a lot of odds and toruble in the name of leatherworking!! Taking down groups of 3 or 4 diffrent mobs or even some very very very means big ones as I mentioned! Needless to say I suprsised even myself.

So after doing a lot of work on getting leatherwokring up and getting it above the mark I did a little sight seeing with the WoLK now live of course this means the boats to northrend are now working, now I got on one of these boats for fun to show what happens when you try to goto northrend and you dont have the expansion, its on the move and then poof your teleported back to the docks with a little nag 'You need the Wraith of the Lich King expansion in order to access this area" hehe it was sooo much fun i had to due it twice and i wasnt alone that was probley the funiest part!

Also the orignal king of stormwind is back again! Yes you remebr me mentioning about him yesterday well hes in the throne room now next to his poor son and i have some wonderfull screenies of that for you all too. So whats in store today more of the same level level and more leveling!!! And of course more screenies and you can bet as soon as i get my frist view of a deathknight out there i will have screens up for all of you! And of course when I get WoLK you will see all the deathknight action right here as my fiance and I move up our deathknights!!!

The other event coming, its nearing time for me to seriously pick a guild! Thats right with level 55+ comes, raiding and everyhting else and a good guild for it will be imporant and esential!! So dont go no where if anyone reads this theres plenty more WoW goodness to come!! Also more addons as well, this weekend baring having WoLK there will be MAJOR work on my MatTrack mod! So stick around for that as well!! See you tommorow!

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