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Friday, November 14, 2008

DING Level 55!!...and the joining of Royal Pain!

And greets to everyone once more, its another day and wow what a day! Very long and busy and still in progress lol. First thing I see when I logged in as promissed with the screens is a death knight and there coming out all over and there awsome! So far many death knights have been helpfull, very in fact one deathknight acutally asked me before atacking a mob if i was after it as well for quest, i told him yes and he grouped and helped me out for the quest duration and then a nice farewall. Very cool stuff!

Today was full of firsts, of course first to level 55! And with it came guild time and i'm happy to say I belive i've found a great guild, still under probation (thats trial period to make sure I fit the guild and vica versa) And so far we are having a blast, after meeting up with them all my lovely fiance also decided to join them as she was dis-satisfied with her current guild. I'm happy to say this is definlty the guild I was looking for, fun, orignzied, adult and best of all helpfull! But lets go through these screenies first.

First we have our deaht knight pics, as you can see its pretty awsome but the pic does it no justice, and I definlty can not wait to get my hands on my own death knight! After the death knight we have what i'm pretty sure is the death knights portal/gate to ebon hold, the cidital to the death knights if you will. Next we have me making it to level 55! WOOT after about a week or so finnaly made it to level 55. With that came some new gearing and of course the all important guild call.

But first I made my first aid achivement upto master! Witch made me very happy of course, then the guild came and with it first the title (with me cheering glad to find a good guild) followed by another achivemnt that caught me a bit by suprsied, 500 quests completed! WOW! Thats a lot of quests lol. Followed by some serious work in the suken temple! A group of 5 of us headed down there my lovley fiance included to loot it up and take some quests down, we even manged to get some xp out of the mobs too and of course racked up the achivment as you can see! A very good run and a very good day!

Tommorw will be full with more! WoLK should be tommrow night and I sure cant wait! Stick around and remebr link and post your comments i'd love to hear it, and hopefully with my new guildmates you'll see a link up to there site soon as they have it up oh and for thoese keeping track of my toon (my charchter) my signature link at the very bottom of the blog page is fully update so take a look! See you tommrow!

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