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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Coma and Mage Leveling!!

Hello everyone, not a huge post for you all today but one none the less. Spent most all of yesterday playing my lowly mage to get her leveled. Happy to say thou it went slower then I really thought she should be level 20 here today! She did make some great achivements in the process thou, and you can find that in the screenies included here. Also my Hunter got his new pet! The rare spawn know as Mist Howler. I was able to tame him early yesterday morninging. Unforunlty I was so focused in getting him I didnt mange to get a screenie of the process :( My aplogies to you all. I also ran few of our guild mates through SM(Scarlet Monastary) last night. I didnt grab any screenies of that ethier. I know I know i'm lacking lol.

But I do have some good news! Magelo, the ones who provide the awsome charchter signature and info about my charcters down at the bottom of the blog, have finnaly updated WOOT! So now my main signature up to date and down there for you all to see! If you would all like as well I could post the rest of my alts too. So scroll down after your done reading this and check em out! I know this is a short post and I aplogize I dont even have a great beatuy shot for you all :( but no fret there will be more tommorw after all its the BRS(Black Rock Spire) run here tonight! So make sure you come back for that, and dont forget to vote on my poll! Theres not a whole lot of time left to do so!

See everyone tommorow and I hope everyone has had a good and safe thanksgiving!

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