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Monday, November 3, 2008

Getting Back to the grind....

Hello again everyone, well hallows end has finnaly officaly ended on WoW and with that my fiance and I have returned to our grinding with our mains, thou we didnt get all that much done today (about a half level in xp or experince points) due to rl reasons we did manage to get a few quests done and started as well. As promissed I have screenshots for you right here.

The first image seen here on the right is my fiance and I waiting for the boat to return to Kaliamdor. The next images our of us fighting and doing some quests in various regions of Kailamdor and also a nice shot of the now tamable devilsaurs, it was my loving fiances first time seeing it and yes there really that big! I also got a chance to work on one my newest alts, shes a mage, shes focusing on the new inscription profession and you can see my proud acomplsihment through the acheivemnt system there, witch I enjoy very much, they dont have any real rewards right now sides braging rights, but its like a badge of honor and proof like see I did that! And I know doing the trick or treat for Eastern Kingdoms achiment me and my fiance did felt like we really acomplished somehting so its a wonderfull little system.

We will be doing a lot more heavy gridning of our mains tommorrow were doing very well with WoLK(wraith of the lich king) only 10 days away now, its also very exciting to get into these very big regions and areas now and to really 'catch up' in my prespective where i could of and would of been a very long time ago if I still had my orignal account. I have to admit i'm feeling a little burn out on WoW as i tend to do with most games but the idea of WoLK coming and pushing myself has helped a lot i'm sure that once our mains are at level 55 and theres still some time before WoLK is released that I may take a bit of a break, but for now honestl its a blast.

As for my addons i havnt done much if any work today on anything mod releated for WoW or otherwise, i'm thinking about playing around with BigWigs again before i goto bed, but i'm not sure yet. I still have a lot of alts that need to level and work done that I do want to do and get back into the grind for them. I have to admit i'm very much missing my ablity to usefully edit oblivion (the video card is onbaord atm since the once i put in heatsink is messed up and I havnt had the money to buy a new one yet) the idea of the changes blizzard does in WoW reminds me of the things you can do in oblivion like that. I know i'll get back to it one day and i look forward to it very much.

Anywayz in the mean time its more WoW and of course with the release of WoLK its a lot of WoW in the form of playing the new death knight class witch i look forward to a lot from what i've heard and seen from the beta! So by all means stayed tuned i'ved tried to add a bit more to the blog bars and of course i'll add even more this week, if you have feedback please post comments or send me an email let mek now your out there viewing and of course spread the word email your freinds link it i'd appreciate it!

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